Sagittarius Luna Eclipse

 Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Freedom and Power
Dana Mrkich
a message from Dana Mrkich
Thursday, 23 May, 2013

As our global awakening intensifies, and as our awareness of all kinds of truths increases, it is only natural that any energy that feels threatened by that or has fear around that, also increases. We always see this on a personal level whenever we are ready to jump into a new level in any aspect of our lives. Our inner doubts, fears and any remaining remnants of old patterns flare up in response to our decisions to commit to new actions and pathways.

Energy works the same way whether it’s an inner personal experience, or an outer collective one. So, we are seeing this type of response now on a global level with the sense that the net of control around humanity and human behaviour is feeling more and more like a choking stranglehold. The increase in this type of energy is always a good sign, not a negative one (even though it can feel very unpleasant). It is indicative of the degree to which something is expanding in its nature, the degree to which something has outgrown its old form. The ‘stranglehold’ we are seeing and feeling, is an attempt by those collective aspects of us to retain an illusion of control, to retain a sense that all is ‘business as usual’. This is making people feel more than ever like they have no choice in anything, and no power. Now, more than ever, it is important to look deeper and realise that this ‘stranglehold’ is not a sign we have no choice and no power – it is a fear response to the growing realisation that we DO have choice and we DO have power.

This is not about an ‘us against them’ tug of war. We are all part of the one energy. The collective manifestation of humanity is exactly the same as the inner manifestation of our personal aspects, only amplified. So when we see this stranglehold occurring it is helpful to realise, oh okay, I see what’s happening. That is exactly what my old wounds were trying to do that time I tried to get up the courage to leave my job or change a relationship pattern.

Very often when old issues flare up people get very disheartened that all their inner work has not been working, when in fact it is a clear sign your inner work HAS been working. The intense flaring up of fear is a clear sign that something has shifted on an energy level and is about to quantum leap on a physical level. It is important of course to address the fear response, but at the same time don’t jump in and let it suffocate you into thinking that is the dominant or expanding reality. It is the old reality leaving.

Now is a time to keep holding your focus on the reality you have committed to, and act accordingly in whatever ways you are choosing to do so. This week we have come across some information about an ingredient in certain foods, so we are immediately changing the brand we choose to buy. We all have choice. We can all say no to things, we can say yes to other things. Despite appearances to the contrary, we all have freedom of choice in what we do, say, think, eat, consume, in how we live.

The Lunar Eclipse this Friday night/Saturday depending on your time zone is in Sagittarius. Lunar Eclipses are about letting go (to let in something new) and Sagittarius is the freedom loving adventurer and truth-seeker. So this is a perfect time to let go of any fears or illusions you have that you are not in control of your life and reality, and that the powers that be are tightening the reins more and more every day. You have choice. You have power. You have freedom. Take it, own it, and use it well.

If you are free within yourself no amount of bars and guards can make you feel imprisoned. Likewise if you feel imprisoned within your own mental constraints and self-imposed restrictions, you will not feel free anywhere, not in your home, or workplace or relationship, not in the largest field or widest ocean. – Dana Mrkich, A New Chapter

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