“Trance-Formation” Flick by Max Egan

Interesting Video.  Take a look.  Make your own decisions.  Do the research:

“TRANCE – FORMATION” – a feature length film from Max Egan

A few days before our May deadline our good friend Cynthia sent us a link to this film; it came with a note that said: “YOU HAVE TO POST THIS!” After checking it out we understood why Cynthia was so insistent. “Trance Formation” addresses issues and questions that have to do with how our perceptions have been transformed to the point where it is now next to impossible for the average human being to know or understand the truth. All of us have been unwittingly programmed to believe everything we are told. As the secrets behind this state of affairs begin to unravel we are not just waking up to the way things really are, we are being transformed in the process. If you’re interested in taking an in depth look at why and how life on planet Earth, and the simple task of being human got so totally complicated, Max Egan’s “Trance Formation” will not only open your eyes to the facts, it will give you a clear sense of how important it is for us to change our tune.