Norma Gentile on the Navel Chakra

FROM HEART TO NAVEL CHAKRA – Where we are going is where we have been

By Norma Gentile

In the western world we are taught to think and psychically perceive Spirit with our brains. But it is through the Body Center, the Navel Chakra,that Spirit speaks most strongly to us while we are in physical form.

A friend recently asked me about the heart-centered world into which many believe we are moving. The comment that one of my guides made was to notice that people from the developed or Western world are moving down from their heads into their hearts. They have yet to reach anywhere near their navel or body center. For this reason the journey into the heart that many in the New Age movement anticipate will bring something to completion may actually be the final step. After the Heart, we Westerners will need to begin the journey into the Body.

Many people joke about the practice of sitting in meditation as being something akin to ‘navel gazing’. My own sense is that rather than looking down from our heads at our navels, we need to know how to go down into the navel center itself, and look out from there at our world.

I have come to this conclusion based on my own experience. After moving more and more into my own heart, I began to move further down, passing through my heart and into a space that I feel is my navel chakra or body center. It is a place of great stillness, where I can feel the slightest motions of my body’s natural functions as well as motions from all that is around me. Yet at the same time I feel an intense and utter stillness. From this place of deep stillness all else seems a bit silly – it’s like relaxing in the warm sunshine watching fruit flies swarm a piece of fruit. You can enjoy your relaxation while the incessant motions of the fruit flies remind you of how still you are. What they are doing is harmless to you. While it may be a lot of activity, they are simply doing what it is that is within their nature to do. And you are choosing to do something different.

That is not to imply that all you or I do outside of meditation is equivalent to being a buzzing fruit fly! Day to day life, represented by the fruit flies in my little metaphor, is necessary to my continued physical body being in form. I believe that when I access my body center or navel in meditation it gives my personality a perspective around the true balance of priorities that my soul has. I do find that I can better choose and organize my activities after a little navel meditation.

I realize for most people the idea that our soul or spirit would speak to us through our body rather than our brain is very odd. Our western culture has taught us to live in the uppermost region of our body, basically the upper three inches of our head, not in the remaining 60 or so inches that tend to carry our head around.

Our western culture has also taught us to fear what we do not know. And since few of us had parents who could set an example of being fully embodied, it is not surprising that we have an innate fear of delving into the unknown regions beneath the level of our eyes and brain. In order to identify where our navel is, most of us have to move our hands down and touch it. Few of us simply feel and know its location in our torso. This means that there is a great learning curve ahead of us around how to connect our soul or spirit into our own bodies.

Awareness of any body part by ‘feeling’ it from the inside is an indicator of how strongly connected we are to the consciousness that is related to that body part. Each and every toe, finger, muscle, bone, tendon, organ, etc. processes energetic patterns for us. Illness is merely a sign that the spiritual, mental and emotional levels of our aura were unsuccessful in processing a pattern. In order to bring it more fully to our attention the pattern naturally moved into the etheric level of our aura, which is the blue print for our physical body.

Healing the physical issue then becomes a matter of addressing the issue at all the levels through which the pattern has come. For this reason when issues have reached the physical level I often suggest that people consult physical doctors such as Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists. These modalities understand that health is a result of balance, and illness is a result of imbalance. Once balance is restored, the body’s own systems will restore the physical body.

In my own energetic healing work, I find that the information I get for people is usually right on the edge of what they already know or suspect. In some cases their guides simply point out to me certain moments in their lives that are inter-related and magnifying a current emotional or physical symptom of illness. Sometimes it is also about what I call “upgrading” a belief.

I find that we are all pretty good at healing ourselves. But it is hard to find that deep place of stillness where you can feel all that is in motion around you when you are overwhelmed by fatigue, anxiety, physical pain or chatter in the mind. It just helps to have someone outside of yourself point out what they are able to see, so you can see it more clearly.

There are certainly different styles of healing, and for me I prefer to help people see for themselves what it is that they are ready to change, and hold space for that change to occur. As I spend more and more time within the deep stillness of my own body, I feel the great potential each of us has to access this same space of spiritual connection inside of our own bodies.

Ultimately, I might say that I have less interest in trying to organize how the fruit flies buzz around the fruit and more curiosity about why I left the fruit out for them to buzz around. An odd metaphor, but the closest I can get to my experience of this moment.

And this brings me back to the motionless depth of spirit I find within my own body. This, to me, is a point of creation that each person will learn about in their own time.

My best to each of you.


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Norma Gentile


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