Honshu, Japan — Earthquakes 4/29

April 29, 2012 – 2 strong earthquakes along the coast of Honshu, Japan

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Another strong coastal earthquake near Miyako, Honshu, Japan
This quake reported as M5.6 by JMA Japan (depth 20 km) had an epicenter a little out of the coast.
Max. JMA intensity 4JMA, below the damaging level.
The Quake was closest to Kuji and Miyako.

Image courtesy JMA Japan – dark orange highest intensity

Strong earthquake along the coast of Honshu, Japan
JMA Japan reports a magnitude of 5.8 at a depth of 50 km
Max. intensity : 5- (just below what Er considers a potential serious damaging level)
5- intensity at Asahi-shi Minami-horinouchi*
Earthquake must have been well felt in Tokyo
12 km S Choshi (pop 75,650)
46 km E Narita (pop 100,641) Narita is one of the Tokyo airports
93 km E Tokyo (pop 8,336,599)
Minor damage cannot be excluded in the 5- intensity area
The earthquake occurred at an intermediate depth what means that the intensity is weakened by the depth of the hypocenter
JMA Japan reports that the epicenter is located 6 km inland in a city called Tonosho.
Of course NO tsunami risk at this magnitude
Update 10:54 UTC
 : USGS data are pointing the epicenter in a highly populated region of Kanto in Japan. The earthquake happened 7km from Naruto. The nearest populated places are: Oami (19km), Katakai (10km), Togane (11km), Hasunuma (2km), Yokoshiba (5km), Asahi Yokaichiba (20km), Tako (14km), Narita (18km). The closest civilian airport is Tokyo Narita International (20km).

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