Phoenix Rising Star on Moving Beyond the Old Ways


By Phoenix Rising Star

Oh my. What a year 2012 is turning out to be! A lot of predictions are coming true.

Solar flares. More intense ones than before.

Interruption and breakage in computers, digitized formats and microchip devices.

Emotional turmoil.


But also, there seems to be an increased awareness and desire for truth.

Giving us greater opportunities to go into our hearts.

So far, and I know I’m not alone in this; I’ve had a wide variety of symptoms that have led me to believe I have the ‘Ascension Flu’.

These symptoms include:

* unexplained nausea

* weight loss

* weight increase

* sometimes both weight loss and increase in the same day!

* nervousness

* super-sensitivity, physically and emotionally and every other way

* mood swings

* body temperature changes

* pain, sometimes phantom, never lasting long

* and a feeling of having one foot in quicksand and one in the elevator.

Oh, did I forget to mention short term memory loss????????

We’ve known that 2012, Ascension, or whatever you want to call this time period, was coming. We’ve known this for quite awhile. There’s no excuse not to recognize it, or the fact that like it or not, we’re in it. And that we chose to be here at this time. Right now.

Somehow I guess I figured that because I chose to be here now, I wouldn’t have to experience the symptoms, the challenging changes, or feel like I had to cope.


I’m here now, thick in the middle of Ascension Flu and feeling like I’m going crazy.

I realize this is the chance for going into my heart, but some days I can’t seem to let go of my haunting fear long enough to do that.

One day, when I was feeling really badly,I went to Mother Earth – to connect deeply, send my love, receive hers and to connect with all the directions through the teachings of the wheel – the Medicine Wheel. Named because traditionally it is a place of healing, of knowledge and awareness, and a place where we can more easily open ourselves to the messages from spirit.

I was feeling fear, negativity, self-judgment, pain, sorrow, you name it; all nameless and formless, but insistently there regardless. Welling up and overwhelming me.

I felt so desperate by the time I got to my place in nature that I forgot how to make a wheel.

Confused I looked around a flat area and wondered where to start.

All of a sudden one rock selected itself to be the center, all that is.

From here I could figure out the cardinal directions of east, west, south and north.

I found a stone for the west, the place of transition, and began to open the wheel.

I stopped aghast at what I was doing.

In the tradition I was taught, the medicine wheel should be opened from the east.

What was I doing?????

I recalled one of my teachers talking about her teacher. He told her, ‘Always open the wheel from the east, the place of new beginnings.” One day to her surprise, he opened the wheel from the west, the place of transition. And a week later, he passed away.

Oh my God!

Did this mean I was dying? Maybe that would explain so much pain and fear! Old cellular memory needing to be cleared before I crossed over!

I hurriedly corrected my opening to the wheel and opened from the east.

I moved immediately to the west.


What was I doing???????

I’d gone to the south, and in my mind called it the west.

Oh my God!!!! Is this more confirmation I’m dying?

Well, if so, I’m in it now.

No stopping here.

I corrected my direction of the south and managed to chuckle that this direction opens our intuition and feminine receptivity.


I went again to the west, in a clock-wise fashion. And then to the north. Where I froze.

I couldn’t remember what the north represented. I knew the animals were white: white buffalo and polar bear. But for the life of me, I couldn’t remember anything else.

I stood there and stood there.

Nothing came. No idea whatsoever.

Eventually I had to move on.

In the tradition in which I was taught, one walks counter clock-wise around the circle to release energy and clockwise to energize the new energy.

“Thinking” I was releasing, I found myself walking clockwise. It was only when I turned to go in the opposite direction that I realized what I was doing.

What was I doing?????

I couldn’t believe this! I’ve never felt so messed up before. Not just short term memory loss, but loss of conscious awareness.

This was positively weird.

I went to the center andasked for a message from spirit.

I received my message:

“You are not wrong, misguided, incorrect, or at fault here. You are truly acting on a deeper level of inner guidance. This guidance is what is essential to master the old lessons of the third dimension, such as fear, judgment, negativity, etc. In order to master these lessons, the old ways of learning from and releasing them must be changed. The old ways are not working anyway, so why keep trying them?

“Listen to your guidance and do things differently.

“Go into your heart. Feel love. Express love. Send love. Anytime you feel the old feelings of fear, judgment and negativity, keep sending love until that’s all you feel is love.

“Energize with love. This is the new way. This is the only way that will work to help you on your path to ascension, to the next dimension. If you choose to stay in the fear, or not to energize with love, you are choosing to stay in this dimension. And will have to come back to re-learn this another time. By choosing love, you are choosing to move beyond this dimension into the next. Which do you choose?”

Hearing this internal message actually melted my anxiety, self-recriminations, judgment, fear and everything else.

I was able to send love to myself, finally.

I sent love to all beings feeling fear, judgment, and everything not love.

I sent it without expectation of what would happen. I sent it because I could.

And I felt peace for the first time since December. Or maybe even before that.

Peace and harmony.

Now I know what to do to alleviate the Ascension Flu.

Go into my heart, into the center of all that is, and feel love.

Send love.

Be love.

Energize with love.

That’s all.

In Peace,
Phoenix Rising Star


PS—What is the teaching of the north?



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