February 5-11

This week you can find yourself facing many conflicts most of them brought about by the juxtaposition of the old and the new.  What to keep, what to let go of.  What defines you, what confines you. Never an easy thing.  This can lead to conflict, uncertainty, and anger.  Take time when these kinds of feelings arise to analyzer and follow them to their source.,  There is much to be learned. Lessons are always best when they are over, but this is a week of transitions, so things will not be completed at this time.  But pay attention to what s gong on and new revelations in regards to old friend, new friends, places, and things.  The energetic shifts that are coming about at this time are requiring your cooperation and acknowledgement. Be alert, aware, and observant.  Also, your intuition is very strong at this time.  You will do well to be aware of it.  If you are unsure about what is coming to you, take time to go within and listen to the guidance of your heart.  Be open to what your body is wanting at this time.  The physicality is shifting too.

On a larger scale, there are some painful things that have to be learned right now.  These lessons can come in all areas including the political arena, finances, science, and international relations.  Much of this will go unreported in the news within this country.  If you are desirous of finding out about some of these things, you will need to look to the news in other countries.  The Earth continues its shifts and changes, and there will be a greater  impact of some of these movements this week.  The Sun will have some erratic periods as the Galactic energy moves out of the shadow of the outer planets and closer to the middle of our solar system.  This can lead to some odd science news as they report anomalies, however these things are just new to this era and had a history in the very remote past.

Sunday, February 5:    Light Purple

Everything seems fine to start with, however there is a nagging sense of …. something.  You cannot quite put your finger on it, but you know it is there.  You will find yourself looking around at people and things to find a cause or someone to pin it on, but it will all come back to yourself,  Since this is the case, it is best to take some time to ground and go within.  Look and feel what is going on inside of you.  There is a shift in the energies that is happening now and you are responding.  Take time to know what is going on and be open to any messages you might receive, some perhaps in the form of synchronicity or deja vu.  You can find your answers if you just allow yourself to do so.

Crystal Vibe:    Barite Rose—-This stone brings together many elements and influences in such a way that things can be changes and augmented.  Resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Monday, February 6:    Dark Blue

There are things in the works, actually things that have been in the works for a long time now, and they are ready to burst into fruition.  Be ready for that.  Some of them can surprise you, so be on the alert for today anything can happen.  People are coming up to you with messages, judgments, and reminiscences.  It is not important for you to respond, just acknowledge.  There are so many emotions and feelings that can be tied up in some of these things that it best to step back, observe, and let them be what they are.  There is a bit of joy unfolding throughout the day, and you will become aware of it as night falls.

Crystal Vibration:    Mangangocalcite—-The energies of this pink stone can bring comfort, solace, and connection.  If you are needing a safe vibration in which to open to the larger whole, this can be helpful. Resonates with the Heart Chakra.

Tuesday, February 7:    Light Periwinkle

The veils are very, very thin today, so things can pop into and out of view quickly.  Just accept that this is the way the energy is tending right now.  Acknowledge that this is the way things are right now, and that sometimes things just are the way they are.  Be ready for some hard questions today as people come up with stuff, a lot of it their own, which they are trying to understand, and, if that is not possible, to redirect to others.  Stay in control of your emotions today.  Becoming angry or upset will not assist in gaining the perspective you are needing to make it through the day.

Crystal Energy:    Leopardskin Jasper—-The energy of this stone reflects both the light and dark vibrations.  It assists in looking for balance and objectivity.  Resonates with the Heart and Tenth Chakras.

Wednesday, February 8:    Light Green

Feelings and physicality issues are going to be very much in the forefront today.  This does not mean that you will be feeling sad and bad, rather you will be more aware of how you are reacting to things on both and emotional and physical level.  Take time to notice how you are responding.  You can learn a lot about the shifts and changes that you are going through at this time.  You can also learn about the new WHO that you are becoming. You are refining and honing many of your core impulses and wisdom.  Listen to the counsel of your heart’s knowing and you can learn much.

Crystal Energy:    Heliodor—-This stone works on the level of one’s purpose.  It can bring focus and light to specific areas of importance.  It assists in protecting one from negativity.  Resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Thursday, February 9:    Primary Blue

The theme today is Back to Basics.  It is time to see things for what they truly are, what is the basis for the stuff on top, what makes you tick, what makes others tick.  Take time in dealings with others to see what the essential motivations are.  Listen to the words unspoken.  Be aware of the Freudian Slips and reflex moves. There is much to be learned today, and much to be unlearned.  There are revelations that can come forth today.  Some will be new and others are things you already know, but the ones that are truly unexpected can leave you dumbfounded.  Stay centered and true to yourself.  Some of the things you encounter in the day’s energy can bring strong emotional responses.  You will want to be ready.

Crystal Vibration:     Psilomelane—-This mineral assists in grounding, and having grounded, adding to perspective in regards to what you should be looking at.  Resonates with the Root and Third Eye Chakras.

Friday, February 10:     Light Magenta

You might wake up today feeling as if you want to sing or dance or something like that, but at the same time, you feel that you might have a headache coming on or… something.  The day statrs with an up energy that is, nonetheless, somewhat conflicted.  As the day progrewses, you can find yourself a bit distracted.  You may be focused on one task, and then all of a sudden, your attention shifts to something else.  It will be hard to stay with just one thing, but actually that will all be to your advantage in the evening when many things come up, and you get them all

Crystal Vibe:    Staurolite—-The energy of this stone protects you, while at the same time allowing you to stand up for your core beliefs.  Resonates with the Root Chakra.

Saturday, February 11:    Clear

There is something about the energy of this day that you will not quite be able to put your finger on, but you know that is is good.  There will be a number of synchronicities coming your way, and it is your task to put them together and see what is the meaning behind all these things.  People are willing to be helpful; so, if you need help or are looking for information, this is a good day for requesting assistance in these areas.  Be aware also of a close friend or relative who will be needing your care due to come kind of physical issue.  It is important to be strong in the energy of the day.  It shifts, twists, and turns, and in your grounding within your heart center, you can navigate those vagaries and emerge in the evening with a new knowledge.

Crystal Frequency:    Azulicite—-The energy of this stone works with the body’s meridians for cleansing and unification.  It resonates with the Root Chakra with a vibration that penetrates through all the Chakras.