El Hierro Update

El Hierro Volcano : Yellow-Red alert – 7 earthquakes since midnight + test video ROV “Wally”

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This is the most recent El Hierro Volcano eruption report

Update 21/02 – 13:34 UTC

– As said yesterday, the Atlantic Explorer is carrying the ROV Sirio which was baptized “Wally“.  Because of the weather conditions during the first mission, the ROV was unable to be set at work. While anchoring at La Restinga, the crew made a test with “Wally” in the port of La Restinga. Here is the result of this test.  The image you see here is the image which you can expect when Wally would be able to dive to the volcano cone next week.

Update 21/02 – 11:53 UTC
– 7 earthquakes since midnight
– Joke Volta set of morning images

Geology course at La Restinga

Update 21/02 – 09:46 UTC
– 6 earthquakes since midnight + continuing not listed weak earthquakes
– no visible jacuzzi or stain
– HT at minimum amplitude
– Another day of Geology course for Joke Volta and she enjoys learning about tectonics,  volcano types, magma types, magma viscosity, historic events which can be seen at the island, etc etc.  Based on what she told us yesterday, earthquake-report calls the geology course a 5-star course. Every important topic is discussed. An example : it is impossible to talk about volcanoes when Ocean ridges are not discussed. Ocean ridges were a part of the course on day 1.
This 3 day course was organized by  the diving centers association and joined by partners like the University of La Laguna and the government of the Canary Islands, etc. The biggest part of the course is given by Ramon Casillas, a professor at the university of La Laguna.  Javier Morales, member of the parliament, is also listed on the leaflet as a co-speaker.


Update 20/02 – 23:35 UTC
– we have stranded on 19 earthquakes today
– other interesting data : unchanged

Update 20/02 – 18:17 UTC
– unchanged situation : continuing micro-seismicity, listed earthquakes and minimal HT
– Jesus Machin, a fisherman at La Restinga has made a coastal walk along the Naos bay. He said to Joke that he has seen a lot of sardines. Sardines are common around this time of the year, but so many was a real surprise to him.

Jesus Machin fisherman at La Restinga

Update 20/02 – 11:10 UTC
– Joke is currently following a “geology” class in La Restinga ! :) .  It is a free lecture with a focus on what is happening below the island.  (click here to see the 5 pictures she has photographed this morning)
– It tends to be a shaky day in El Hierro as we have already 13 listed earthquakes so far.
– The picture below shows that the volcano is still emitting material in the sea (gray area).  The picture dates from this morning

Update 20/02 – 08:13 UTC
– No visible stain or jacuzzi this morning
– Accordingly also almost no harmonic tremor
– Micro-seismicity continues to show the continuing magma pressure
– On top of the microseismicity,  IGN has listed 8 earthquakes since midnight. All these earthquakes had magnitudes above M1. All the epicenters are or below the island (main crater system) or in the Las Calmas sea in between the main vent and Tacoron.

for more information, updates, and history of the eruption, go to:  earthquake-report.com/2011/09/25/el-hierro-canary-islands-spain-volcanic-risk-alert-increased-to-yellow/