January 22-28

Overall Color for the Week:    Canary Yellow

This week will be quite conflicted in so many ways.  An introductory note that I would like ot make is that electronic devices and anything that is plugged in — regardless of how you read that —- will be challenged this week.  When you find yourself in a situation where that happens, step back and think about what went before.  There are patterns that are developing at this time and there are many clues out there as to how they are forming.  YOu will know them if you are willing to do a little sleuthing.  Or just pay attention.  This is a week in which a keen sense of wonder will serve you well.  Also, you can find that your body is doing strange things.  Analyze that also.  It too has a pattern to it.  Listen to your body.  Honor it, and do as it requests, a nap, a snack, a meditation, a removal from a situation…. It will benefit you in the long run.  Do not worry about having to make excuses for your actions.  Things will flow in a new and different way and a lot of the old niceties are not necessary right now.  There are new and different energies coming in at this time, and they require a new response.  We are all learning.

On the larger scale, there will be a lot of tipping going on this week.  This is true in all areas, in terms of Earth changes, politics, wars, relationships, finances, health, etc.  More and more people are feeling the crunch and the uncertainties of the arriving energies and they are reacting in diverse ways, some even choosing to leave through weird ways.  This is not a time for judgment, but there will be a lot of judgment going on in the news. Unfortunately, this means that there will a lot of contradictory statements coming out.  Take the media with a grain of salt.

Sunday, January 22:   Bright Straw Yellow

This is very much a’can you believe it’ day, so look around at all the things that are happening in your life and pick out those that are totally unexpected.  They are there. We all can take things for granted, especially when  our attention is focused on other stuff — like making a living, paying bills, dealing with people and things that we have to deal with.  Sometimes we overlook the truly amazing stuff we are accomplishing.  This is a day on which you need to look at all you have done, all you are doing, and recognize YOU.  You are pretty great.  The power is there if you will acknowledge, accept, and act.

Crystal Vibration:    Emerald—-The energy of this stone brings personal strength and awareness especially as part of the true knowing of the heart.  Resonates with the Heart Chakra.

Monday, January 23:    Medium Pink

Soooooooooooo, you can be WHO you are or you can be a blonde (with apologies to blondes everywhere, it is merely a stereotype I am hooking into, and fyi, both my girls are blondes, empowered, individual, strong, and amazing), either way there are things you can use to make it all seem okay.  Do no, whatever you do, miss the opportunity that today is giving.  You can discover all that you are wanting to know and no one will ever know. You can do the things you never thought possible, and no one will figure it out until it is too late.  Today’s energies offer a choice and a potential for those who have spent a long time wishing.  You can make of it what you want  And, the best part is that there is no remorse, no bills to pay.  So, if you want to make a change, go for it.  Why not.  You will never know unless you do.

Crystal Vibration:    Staurolite, the Fairy Cross —–Wonderful, playful energies and strength in what seems so fragile.  The energy of this stone can bring knowledge of things hidden and joy in the mere being of being.  This stone resonated with the whole body, like a comforting and protecting cape of many colors and lots of pockets. Covers all chakras.

Tuesday, January 24:    Bright Orange Flame

Arrgh, there is something afoot today that makes boring and pedantic people fall into your path.  You need to decide what you will do about that.  Your truth and your power are growing.  You do not need to pay attention, to listen to their stuff anymore.  It is time to make your own decisions and ‘damn the torpedoes’.  You know the rest.  If you do not try, you will never do, and if you never do, then you will spend a  lot of timed fantasizing and wondering.  Know that you are so much more than the ‘what-if’s”.  Take hold of the energy of the day and be WHO you are.  A lot of amazing things can come from that.

Crystal Wave:    Feldspar—-This mineral works behind the scenes to assure that things go smoothly.  Resonates with the Crown Chakra.

Wednesday, January 25:    Bright Red

Stop and Go.  These are the themes of the day, however due to the confusion of the energetic shifts that are going on right now, it is possible to misread the signs and choose the wrong course of action.  That being the case, the best way to deal with the day is to sit back and be the Observer.  If you are pressed to act, then make sure that you have the facts straight.  There is nothing wrong with stalling.  Things that are so important in the moment, as time goes by, oftentimes do not appear quite so critical.  Also, make sure, also, that you trust the one who is giving you guidance and advice.  It is easy to get things mixed up right now.  This is not a good day for making commitments or setting in stone.   There will be time for that later.

Crystal Vibe:    Orange Stilbite—-This mineral is good for those times in which you are changing, morphing from one thing to another, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Resonates with the Solar Plexus and Eleventh Chakras.

Thursday, January 26: Dark Purple

This is a ‘watch out’ kind of day.  Take time in the morning to ground and center.  Know what that means and be certain of WHO you are and what is right for you.  Also, it is well to be cautious when out among crowds, this includes when you are in traffic.  There is something unexpected in the air.  It can be good or bad depending upon how you are interpreting it, but likewise dependent upon your interpretation will be how things work out ofr you today.  This evening, you will find yourself laughing.  And that always feels good.

Crystal Vibration:    Cerulite—-This light blue mineral harmonizes the energies of the Crown and Heart Chakras adding perspective and the courage to speak your truth.  Resonates with the Heart, Throat, and Crown Chakras.

Friday, January 27:    Blue

Two weeks.  Things started, felt, and intuited today will find resolution, realization, awareness within two weeks, so be aware of your actions today.  What are you creating?  What are you desiring to have in your life?  What are you wanting to get rid of?  are questions that you might want to consider in the current energy.  There are signs along the road, and you need to be aware of them.  Look for an importnat ah-ha moment today.  Do not take it for grated there is more there than you are aware of.  Also, there will be a lot of people out there who will be acting in odd and unusual ways.  These are all hints as to what ios making them ticking and how they are responding to the energetic changes.  Along with that, they are clues as to whether or not you wish to maintain a relationship with them.

Crystal Wave:    Crazy Lace Agate—-The energy of this mineral includes the grounding vibration of hematite with the universality of agate.  It can assist in these times when connection, perspective, and centering are needed. Resonates with all the Chakras.

Saturday, January 28:    Magenta

This is a day on which you will find yourself prone to making up little stories about things so that they are more acceptable to you.  When this happens, it is important to think about why you are doing this and for whom.  If it is for yourself, then it is time to wonder why you are doing this.  What is there in these things that you are not wanting to see for what it truly is.  That kind of soul searching can be difficult and troubling, so be easy on yourself.  You do not have to over think anything in this exercise.  Just write stuff down and deal with as you are able.  You are changing, and it is time to jettison a lot of the stuff that you ahve been holding onto due to habit.

Crystal Vibe:    Celadonite—-This mineral carries a good transference energy, assisting in moving things through on all levels, from one dimension to another, from spiritual to material, from out the physical.  Use it wisely and sparingly as in too much concentration, it can overwhelm your system.  Resonates with all the body Chakras.