Earthquakes off Puerto Rico

2 moderate earthquakes in the coastal waters of Puerto Rico

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arthquake overview : 2 moderate shallow earthquakes occurred at 2 AM just out the western Puerto Rico coast. The earthquakes were also felt as weak shaking in the Dominican Republic.

Felt reports from the greater epicenter area – image courtesy USGS

Update 13:48 UTC : The Red Sismica Puerto Rico is mentioning a max. VI MMI recorded in Mayaguez (strong shaking).  There are many reports of fallen objects like books, staues, hanging objects, etc. Many people mave mentioned a loud rumble.  The Agencia Estatal para el Manejo de Emergencias y Administración de Desastres (AEMEAD) has reported that no serious damage has occurred.

Update : The earthquake was also felt in the Dominican Republic.

Update : Since the first quake a number of aftershocks have been registered and we expect more to come

Update : NO damage has been reported so far. We will have to wait until daylight before this can be confirmed

Update : Max. intensity as reported by people near the epicenter was V (moderate shaking).

Update :  The earthquakes were very well felt by the people living all over the island of Puerto Rico

Update : people living at the western coast close to the epicenter had the impression that the quakes were more dangerous than measured.

Update : Luckily the epicenter was not below land, but approx. 20 km out in the Mona passage.

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