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Your Thanksgiving Day Forecast; Rain for the NW-Mild for the Central US-Average for the NE

November 17, 2011  |   Posted by: 

The Holidays are quickly approaching with Thanksgiving little than 6 Days Away Now! Shockingly enough, it seems as it was just Halloween. With Thanksgiving being less than a week away, many think of flurries and a cold morning to wake up to for Black Friday Deals! But actually you are in for a treat this Thanksgiving as mild temperatures and a dry air mass will take hold for your Holiday.

 Lets Break it Down:
-Another storm, this one being a rain producer, is going to be affecting the northwest into Thursday and Friday with the low pressure coming from the Gulf of Alaska. That is going to make way for a wet, not a washout, but a wet and windy Thanksgiving. Temperatures will also be chilly with most areas seeing temperatures in the 40′s and 50′s. Low 40′s for the Mountains but no snow is forecast at the moment.

-A warm Thanksgiving as always with temperatures in the 50′s and 60′s are likely. Mountainous areas will see temperatures in the 30′s and 40′s. No precipitation is expected.

-Rain may take a big part as a low pressure may or may not develop in the Atlantic. A weak pressure would still bring rain to the Gulf States (aside from Texas). As for a Severe Weather Chance we are monitoring that chance for a Friday chance but showers seem to be the biggest threat on Thursday. Not a wash out with temperatures above 50 is likely. Florida will see temperatures in the 60′s and 70′s.

-Looks to be a dry and sunny holiday for the southeastern states from Virginia to Georgia.

-Thanksgiving is on tap for an average November day with temperatures in the 40′s and 50′s. Some models are showing a developing low pressure to swing in sometime in the second half of the week so changes may need to be made for a shower or snow chance. Stay Tuned!

Great Lakes:
-A windy and mild day is on tap for most regions with areas seeing 40 to 50 degree temperatures. No precipitation is expected but with a high pressure in play, windy conditions with rapid pressure changes is forecast to occur.

-No Snow! A chilly November day with no precipitation expected. Most locations will be in the 40′s with some locations way north in the 30′s.

Central United States: (All Other Regions):
-A mild day on tap with temperatures in the 40′s and 50′s. No snow, or rain is forecast but along with the great lakes, you will see windy conditions which will bring the  windchill to near freezing. A freeze or frost may be in store for your morning shopping deals so dress for the weather!

On behalf of the whole team at Storm Central, we would like to wish you Happy Thanksgiving to all! With that will come a special opportunity at Storm Central but details will be released over the weekend on our facebook page. So Stay Tuned! Also, this forecast may change over the next few days but a huge change is not expected! Please SHARE this outlook/forecast to your family and friends as they too will be celebrating turkey day too.

-Matt Baranowski
-10:00pm CDT