Series of Earthquakes Rock Turkey

Dangerous Shallow Earthquake in Turkey – 21 aftershocks

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Update 12:18 UTC :Since the mainshock, the area has been hit by 21 aftershocks ranging from 2.6 to 4.0

Update : From the villages near the epicenter are reports of a lot of houses with cracks, but as far as we could see now, no collapsed houses and no injuries. Closest villages to the epicenter are : Balkaya, Giiuventepe, Ardicly, Distas, Karaca and Gulbahce. Only certainty from these villages may be conclusive to report a happy ending.

Update : The town of Refahiye would have experienced a VI strong shaking.

Update : according to the theoretical calculations of USGS, 2,000 people will have experienced a very strong shaking, 9,000 people a strong shaking, 290,000 people a moderate shaking and 6,731,000 people a light shaking

Update : The Turkish seismological agency reports a magnitude of 5.6

A major earthquake has occurred in Turkey. M5.5 and 4.5km depth. We are calling this earthquake extremely dangerous for the direct epicentral area. The town of Refahiye is in the direct epicentral area.

As yet, only a little news has come from the epicentral area. Yenigun talked to an AA correspondent, 7 kilometers from the epicenter of an earthquake in the south of the town of Refahiye Cengerli and stated that the village,”according to the first determinations does not have any loss of life or major damage”, he said.

This earthquake has occurred in the Erzincan area, which had a major earthquake in 1939 killing over 32,000 people.

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