August 7-13

Overall Color for the Week:    Booster Blue

This is a week for putting on your best face and going for it.  This can involve a bit of acting on your part, but it is important right now for you to be the observer more than anything else. This is a week in which a lot of thing will be falling into place, and it will be well for you to see where they are landing. there can be quite a few surprises, as you will discover that some do not land where you thought they would.  Allegiances are shifting as people are moving into their respective “layers” or levels, and as they do this they will find that those who are shallower or deeper than they are finding themselves to be will no longer be part of their circle. This can be quite unsettling, and emotions will be close to the surface as a result.  We are all beginning to see  things for what they are, and this can lead to a sense of lacking basis and community.  However,in the long run this is good, ans we will learn through this to establish a strong and fiim, unshakable foundation for ourselves as well a finding our true community.  Oh, and many of those seemingly pre-cognitive or dreams from another life will be having echoes starting now.  Remember always, that through this there are choices you can make.  You are free to determine where you will land. This is a most interesting time.

On the larger scene, there is the sense that the hurricane season in the Atlantic will begin to pick up quite radically.  In general, weather will be unpredictable and extreme.  Along with that, look for earth movements in the Atlantic Ridge. There will be some odd climatic and other Earth activity in the Caribbean area.  Expect also for there to be some movements among the peoples in countries in that area. Earthquakes will continue Ring of Fire, and there will be some dramatic shifts in the Asian area.  Look also for uncharacteristic Earth events in various areas of the world.  Volcanic activity will continue also, and there is the possibility of the Canary Islands coming more into the news. Political leaders will be tripping over their statements and doing a lot more double talk than usual as the world economy becomes more and more challenged.  There will be galactic activity that will make itself known in odd sky events.  Also there will be challenges for electronics due to magnetic surges and blips.  Some of these will be unaccounted for, and attempts will be made to explain them away. There is an interesting invention that will be surfacing this week that will assist in the energy area.  It will be quickly squelched as it falls outside the area that is corporately profitable.  Also there is a new drug that will be in the news, however it has a sinister side to it and needs more research, or at least real research.  Religious leaders will be coming out with new pronouncements this week.  Some will leave their followers questioning just what is going on.  There will also be fringe and fanatic religious groups and individuals who will be popping up in the news, many due to extreme  activities they are undertaking.

Sunday, August 7:   Light Pink

There is change in the air today, and you are certainly ready for it.  The good news is that this change is easy an comfortable.  It is like finding a favorite old pair of pants in the closet after having missed them for many years.  You heave a sigh of relief.  Then you remember.  There are good things and bad things that color your past, but today’s energy allows you to see them all with a bit more equanimity and less judgement.  You will be feeling glad about things that you had not come to any sort of resolution with before, glad because you can see them for what they are and what they were, and now you can move on.  Relax this evening with a favorite thing and try a bit of creative activity.

Crystal Energy:    Yellow Smithsonite—-The energy of this crystal calls for back-up to show what it can really do.  Resonates to the Root Chakra.

Monday, August 8:    The “Uh-oh’s” have hit, and you need to decide whether they belong to you or to someone else.  There is a lot of leaky energy out there, and if you are sensitive or open at all, there is a good chance that you are picking up on that.  If you are not sure where certain opinions and ideas are coming from, it is probably is a good idea to spend some time meditating over what these things are saying to you.  Yes, there are messages in things, but it is important in this energy to see things for what they are within your own energy field and not take on what others may be wanting or needing you to believe.  When you make up your mind, just be sure that it is right for you.

Crystal Energy:    Cacoxenite—-This mineral is an energizer.  It can bring together and make work things that have been sluggish.  It brings together energies from various levels and works well with others. Resonates with all chakras

Tuesday, August 9:    Bright Red

The warning signs are out today, and they are all over the place.  Which is good, because you are going to feel as though there is cotton or something in your head.  Focus will be off a lot.  This is a day to slow down and see what is around you.  Hear what is actually being said, and if you are not sure, then ask questions, ask for clarification.  This is not a good day for getting things confused.  There are strands of information that are coming together at this time.  This is information that will assist in the changes that are starting soon after the end of Mercury Retrograde.  Much is being tried out and tried on right now.  You need to know what is right for you and what fits. Use your intuition and listen to the wisdom of your heart.

Crystal Energy:    Aurichalcite—-The energy of this mineral brings calm to the body and opens one to the meditative state.  In this state, one can gather information about physical issues.

Wednesday, August 10:    Light Lavender

There are things in the air today that are going to make you think about a lot of past issues, personalities, successes, and failures. Review them quickly, and then allow yourself to return to what is going on around you. This is a day for deja vu.  If you are alert to those moments, then you will come away with a new knowing about a lot of things.  Pay attention to your health today, and do not overdo in any area.  The energy out there is  ramping up little stresses and strains.  Be alert while you are out in traffic.  Also, there can be some issues with electric power today, so things in that area may not go as smoothly as they can.  Take time to listen to the voice of Nature. Much is happening within and about the planet, and to listen and be aware is a good way to connect with the energies of Gaia.

Thursday, August 11:    Silky White

There are echoes in the air today of mists and magic.  You can discover many unusual things in this energy.  Things that have been hidden can come out, and objects presumed lost will suddenly appear.  There is a message in all of this.  There are things that you thought you had let go of never to see or hear of again, but today they can miraculously reappear.  Also there are people out there who will have things to tell you.  Listen closely, for even though some may be in a kind of code, their messages have much to reveal to you about both path and community.

Crystal Energy:    This metal is a general disinfectant, a stress releaser, a reflector, a healer, and a lunar translator..  It resonates with the 8th through 12th chakras.  .

Friday, August 12:    Light Amber

There are things that stand out as important throughout your life.  Today is a day to recognize them and to honor them.  They have helped you through a lot.  The energy of the day tells you that it is time to recognize your strengths and make them your focal point.  Weaknesses are always there, but if you spend your time focusing on those, then you become trapped in what they tell you that you cannot do.  Looking at your strengths lets you know that you can create in your life just exactly what you want as long as you remain unfettered by the outside stuff.  This is a “Go-For-It” kind of day. Perhaps you will not accomplish everything, but you will have a sense of satisfaction when the day is done.

Crystal Energy:    Holly Blue Agate—-This stone bring purification to areas where connection and communication are needed.   It connects with the Universal Energies and vibrates to the Third Eye Chakra.

Saturday, August 13:    Light Blue

This is a “What-the-Heck-Were-They-Thinking” kind of day.  You look around you and you can see what a lot of people are buying into at this time.  But do not fall into fear and self-doubt.  Everything is coming to the surface now, and the fact that you are beginning to see it and question what it means indicates that you are moving forward in knowing what it is all about.  This is a kind of tipping point energy, and it will be very easy to fall back into the way things were.  That if always more comfortable, after all.  This is not a time for feeling the warm fuzzies, rather it is a time for courage and adventure. Interestingly enough, those are things that you have been wanting to do for some time.  You do not need a reason any longer.  Just go for it.

Crystal Energy:    Galena—-This is a great mineral if you need to cut through a lot of the crap surrounding you while, at the same time, being strong in WHO you are.  Vibrates with the Navel and Solar Plexus chakras.