Own Your Power

Torment and Giving In:     When the energies of all that is around us begin to swirl in confused ways, as new energies enter and vortex centers shift, we find ourselves lost in confusion.  There are many possible responses to this confusion.  The most common one is to fall into fear.   And when you fall into fear, then we are most easily convinced to do things that we would not, in our general centered consciousness do. This is a time to take a look at what is truly important to you and to go for that.  You are not powerless.  You have recourse.  It is a time for a shift in focus.  Look elsewhere, change your thoughts, change your mind.  Fear is a conditioned and easy response, so if you just allow yourself temporarily  to shift your focus, you can get more perspective.  Give in to the heart knowledge that is inside.

INTENTION: I am stronger than my fears.  I create the reality I desire.