February 27-March 5

Overall Color for the Week: Dark Blue Green

This is, perhaps, a fitting week for the beginning of March, as the week will come in “like a Lion” bringing with it turmoil, confusion, tendencies towards anger and overreaction, as well as a lot of weather. There is nothing that will be the same anymore, so if you have been wanting to change your image, your clothes, cut your hair, scream out loud, find new friends, change…, go for it. The momentum is there, and the thoughts, opinions, and coercions of other are no longer quite so important. It is as though there is a new tune in the air, which is overshadowing the old music you always paid attention to. Both joy and fear will be themes this week, and, interestingly, one situation can evoke both reactions. This is a week in which you can truly choose which way it is that you are wanting to go. This is a time to keep your eyes and options open. Listen to your heart, Follow your intuition, and believe in the deepest core self of WHO you are.

On the larger scene there will be flashes of light and disruptions in all parts of the world as well as from the Sun. Electronics will become ever more temperamental, so it is a good time to devise a Plan B in terms of communications. Be discriminatory is wht you take as true in the news. There is more and more movement on a grass roots level for justice, tolerance, and righteousness. People are waking up, and the powers that be are beginning to become even more defensive. Look out for precipitate action on the parts of various governments, perhaps even in the United States. Politicians in various places will abandon party lines and look towards what is right for people on the basis of compassion and justice. There have been many abuses perpetrated, particularly in the last elections and these will not be tolerated any longer. That galactic energy that has been approaching our Solar System is beginning to exert an influence on patterns and planets. Expect some unusual reports of things happening out there, as changes and blips appear in planetary motions and responses.

Sunday, February 27: Bright Red Hue

This is a day on which thing will appear, on the surface, to be incredibly important and urgent, however there is a lot of seeming behind all of this. Take time to look at what people are saying, what is going on, who is in the spotlight, what is coming down. You might just find that what seems so important i a related to whoever is creating it. Will you buy into that reality? That is your choice.
Crystal Energy: Fossils – The energy of these allow you to get in touch with things that have gone before and to find information and guidance in that.

Monday, February 28: Gaslight Green

Things will be lurking in the shadows today, and things will be coming out of left field to shake up what is going on. It i a good day to be ready for anything. Take time after waking up, to get your flexibility factors in gear. You will need them. The old solution and reactions just will not make it today. You will find that you will be stretching your limits of belief and understanding as people and patterns shift and morph. There will be some fun in all of this as a bit of the Trickster pokes his head into the situations. Enjoy that, and laugh. When you see things from the perspective of letting go, it is interesting, but a lot of stuff come into focus.
Crystal energy: Smoky Quartz

Tuesday, March 1: Bright Pink

Excess i in the air today, so what are you going to do about it? Excess, perspective, consequence, power. All thee various themes meet and interact. There will be ups and downs, some confusion, yet if you stay centered in WHO you are and listen to the voice of your intuition, you will come out today knowing more and being more. Things will have shifted, and nothing can be the same. There can be more than one meaning to words that are said and actions taken.

Wednesday, March 2: Light Opal

Some things are coming due today. Be prepared to deal with them, even the unexpected. And keep a sense of humor because the energy is such that there are those who want to pick a fight. There is surprise and inspiration also in the air. This is a good day to move away from all that is around you and take the time to delve deeply within to find those things that truly bring you joy and to begin to plan to bring them into your life.
Crystal Energy: Rhodochrosite – The energy of this stone resonated with the heart. It is an integrating energy which melds together the physical and spiritual. Resonates with all chakras.

Thursday, March 3: Dark Lime Green

If there are important things to get done today, wee if maybe you cannot manage to put them off until another day. there is a lot of tiredness in the air, and getting things done efficiently and quickly will seem very, very difficult. People also are going to be difficult, so put on hold any important conversations as there is no resolution in the air today, and be tactful. This is true in all areas. Put aside your judgement about all things, especially yourself and definitely spend some time observing what is going on around you., The energies of the day favor making plans, so go for it.
Crystal Energy: Chalcocite – The energies of this stone aid in career changes, especially moving into areas that truly fit one’s true nature. Solar Plexus.

Friday, March 4: Blue Diffusion

This is a good day for regrouping. Lay low and do not make waves. There is nothing set in stone in the energy of the day, and because of this opinions and actions out of place will become a problem as time goes bgy. The best mode of action for the day is one of contemplation and reflection. Take some time to appreciate the beauty of Nature, spend some time doing a creative activity that brings you fulfillment. Creative activities become more and more important this year as they are the spaces in which one truly gets to know oneself, to move forward in one’s manifestation, and to find the still and joyful place within.
Crystal Energy: Golden Aragonite – The energy of this mineral assists in self-empowerment. 3rd Chakra

Saturday, March 5: Pale Apricot

ThiS is a day on which dreams can come true, but just exactly what you put into your dreams will be what you will be getting out of them. Take time today to reevaluate what it is that you are wishing to bring into your life. Spend some time also getting to know yourself in all your potential, as you are, and not through the filter of the opinions and judgment of others. Put aside wrongful expectations and replace them with the true heart knowledge you have of WHO you are. This will recharge your batteries and bring clarity , intuition, and some fun into your life.
Crystal energy: Fossils, particularly Brachiopod – The energy of this marine invertebrate is one of adaptability, variety, abundance, and success.