January 30-February 5

Overall Color for the Week:    Pale Apricot

Synchronicity will be very much a part of the events of this week.  Pay close attention to things happening around you as there will be issues and events popping up that can make you anxious.  This is a week in which many will be called upon to stand up for what they truly believe in their innermost cores. For those who have been disguising and/or hiding their truths because of worries about fitting in, pleasing people, job concerns, etc,  this week can be extremely uncomfortable.  There will be a subtle speeding up of things, so look for quick ends to things.  As the Chinese New Year arrives on Thursday, there will be a shift in expectation, which can result in a pleasant finale..

Civil unrest will be followed or accompanied by climatic events.  There will be shifts in the pressures around the planet, leading to turbulence which can adversely effect air traffic.  The weather systems are unpredictable this week and out of sync, so look for uncertainty in what will be predicted.  Also look for weather patterns to take odd twists and turns, leaving some places dumped on while neighboring or even central areas go untouched.  In politics, there will be statements coming out that cannot be substantiated which can lead people to question some of their assumptions about people in power.  Also there is more information that will be coming forth in the area of disclosure and a possible date for a general statement regarding that topic. Also there is movement in the area of religion, so do not be surprised if some major religious figure has a change of heart, or even an heart attack.  More solar and extra-galactic activity will be happening, along with lack of candor regarding what these things mean.  Back up your electronics.  Watch the wind.

Sunday, January 30:    Clear

Crystal Energy:  Clear Quartz.  Quartz is the most abundant crystal on the planet and also the most useful.  The energy of this crystal can bring vision, healing, manifestation, and more.  Open to the energy of the quartz and you will find yourself open to a new kind of community and potential.

This is definitely a first and it foreshadows all the many firsts that are coming our way at this time.  This is a day when anything can happen, and when it does, it will be seen for what it is.  This can lead some people to fear and others to joy.  There is much that needs to come out on all levels and in all areas. This is a day for clear focus on your part also, for if you know what it is that you are truly desiring or wanting to know in your life, your focus can bring it into view as well as how to achieve it.

Monday, January 31:    Cloudy White

Crystal Energy:    Apophyllite- This is a stone of both healing and communication.  In its role as a transmitter it can either clarify or obfuscate, depending upon the needs of the individual.

There is change on the horizon.  You are feeling it, and so is everyone else.  This sense can make people feel unwilling to make decisions or take action.  The best course, therefore, is to go with the flow.  Step back from things and watch how they are coming together.  The realizations you make today will be very helpful as the week progresses.

Tuesday, February 1:    Royal Blue

Crystal Energy:    Azurite-This stone can assist one in solving long standing issues largely through the use of intuition.  It can help you know what to trust and assist with emotional well being.

All bets are off today, so if you have things to do, you will be waiting literally until the last moment for them to happen.  And what does occur can be completely different than what you were expecting.  This is a day to listen carefully to what is being said, and to ask questions if things are not clear to you.  There are themes being put forth today that will become part of what is going on for the next six months.  If you are aware of what they are and can identify them, you will find yourself ahead of the game.  This is also a day for compassion and understanding.  Suspend judgment and see the bigger picture.

Wednesday, February 2:    Fire Orange

Crystal Energy:    Fire Opal-This stone can open one to what is happening around you, and offer protection to those who are dealing with emotional and physical issues that can seem to be overwhelming.

New Moon:  Imbolc/St. Brigid’s Day*:  Groundhog day:   Lots of beginnings in the works today!  This new moon will bring in the energy of fire and ice, so the next two weeks will b e quite volatile.  Today begins on a quiet note and with a sense of relief.  Things that were supposed to spin out of control  never did.  It is important for you to realize your role in this and to recognize your power to make things happen.  There will be a critical point around the middle of the day when you will be called upon to make a choice.  It is important at that time to follow the dictates of your heart.  These days bring issues that need resolution, and it is important for you to be clear in what it is you want for WHO you truly are.  When you know that, then events become easier.

(*to learn more about Imbolc, check out:   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/grove-harris/imbolc-2011-the-spring-qu_b_816566.html)

Thursday, February 3:    Violet

Crystal Energy:    Purpurite-Assists with the overall health and condition of the body.  Crown Chakra.

Chinese New Year 4709- Year of the Rabbit (A placid year, very much welcomed and needed after the ferocious year of the Tiger. We should go off to some quiet spot to lick our wounds and get some rest after all the battles of the previous year.”    To read more about the Year of the Rabbit, check out this link:


Things might just seem a little bright today.  People are going to be a bit hyped up and ready to go.  The energy today is good for getting things done, both quicker and more easily than you expected.  There is a sense of joy and frivolity in the air, and the energy is good for that long awaited answer to come.  Keep your wits about you, and see things for exactly what they are for things can spin out of control.

Friday, February 4:    Periwinkle Blue

A much needed and appreciated breath of spring will be in the air today.  Take advantage of this time to review things in your life that you have been wanting to change.  This is a good day for planning, so think about what you are wanting to see happen in the next few weeks,  There is a momentum in the air that will make things happen more quickly if you stay focused.

Crystal Energy:    Unakite-Allows for grounding in the knowledge and compassion of the heart, leading to understanding and healing of feeling issues.  Heart Chakra

Saturday, February 5:    Ultramarine Blue

The energy of the day favors community and camaraderie.  It is a good day to spend time with friends and just engage in social activities.  There is a kindness in the air today that can give perspective on some issues and individuals.  Be alert for a message coming your way.  There is novelty coming into your life, and you will want to be open to it.

Crystal Energy:    Ocean Spray Agate-This stone can assist in decision making.  It brings discernment in relation to confusing events.  It allows for the realization of one’d desires.