September 26 – October 2

Where Did It Go?

More and more,  things are just disappearing.  No rhyme, no reason.  you can look for them in all sorts of places, usual and unusual, but they are not there.  But miraculously, shortly, hours, days later they appear just in that place where you had checked many times.  Where did the go?  Things are slipping through dimensions, wormholes, time warps.  But they do come back, and that is the good news.  No, you are not going crazy.  Perhaps that is even better news!

Color for the Week:    Amber Orange

Once again, patience is of the utmost importance as the year winds down. There will be unexpected delays, hold-ups, shifts, and misunderstandings. Keep your sense of humor in hand. Do not jump to conclusions, and be focused on the larger picture.  There are things going on below the surface which have not yet made themselves known.  Their machinations are causing a lot of the craziness around.  More and more people are going to find themselves stressed out by this, and you can expect more people checking out.  Unfortunately, in some cases they may just try to take others with them.  These next few months it is important to take a wide ranging view of all things.  Put them into perspective.  Take time to make lists, to journal what is important and worthwhile in your life, and what you no longer need.  This is a good time for flushing out a lot of the crap that you have hung onto through some kind of sentimentalism or feeling that it might just be useful.  What is useful to you are your inner resources.  The rest is merely illusion.  You have the power to change all that if you just step into your power.

This week holds the promise of the unexpected on all levels and in all areas, so get ready for some ups and downs.  Electronics will be funky, connections slow and unpredictable.  Wires can get crossed, leaving everyone wondering just what happened.  There can be travel interruptions caused by all sorts of unusual circumstances.  In the world of birds, animals, and fish migrations can start and stop.  There will be strange turns and directions chosen, unlike any before.  The Earth’s magnetics are shifting now, changing what is usual and challenging that set in their ways and ideas.   Actually, challenge is very much the hexagram these days, so keep an open mind, a sense of humor, even a sense of wonder.  There is nothing that is happening that is so convoluted that you cannot get a grasp on it if you will go into your heart center and trust your intuition.  A female politician is headed for an extreme experience.  The weather will be unpredictable.  Storms will start and abruptly stop.  Winds will unexpectedly shift course. Active volcanoes will suddenly calm.  And the opposite of all of these is true also.  The elements are on a rampage.    There is a cloud over the Middle East which is growing and moving.  Emotions are going to be high.  There will be a general sense of unrest and unease growing this week, and it will be seen in all areas.  It is important.  This is a week of extremes.  You will see unspeakable acts and then deeds of immense kindness and compassion.

Sunday, September 26:    Light Orange

This is a great day for getting in touch with what they call the “Inner Child”, something of a misnomer for it is not that IC, rather is is the sense of being in contact with the whole thing, the greater reality, the Universal Consciousness that is there within you at each moment, just waiting for you to request contact.  Today it can all happen, and if you allow it, it will be the doorway to amazing revelations and changes for you which can all bring you to a new level of self understanding.  The nice thing is that the energy is very forgiving today, and things that you are not ready to do, can be put off for sometime,.  There is a feeling of compassion in the air.  It is a good day to go into the place of forgiveness and just be there.  There is no need to dig up old wounds in order to forgive them.  You just need to step into that place of forgiveness.  It is like a taking a shower.  You do not have to go back to those sweaty exercise sessions, bike rides, work situations, dealing, whatever ….  You just need to take the shower and let it all go down the drain.  This is a good day for releasing.  Go for it.  Tomorrow can be very bright.

Monday, September 27:    Canary Yellow

There are hints in the air today of things that you always wanted to do but never accomplished.  This is a good day for letting go of any attachments for those kinds of things.  You have tried out a lot of different things, and you are learning to stay with the things that give you the greatest sense of fulfillment, the greatest sense of being comfortable with WHO you are.  The illusion is always there, and you can always make the choice to move into that.   However the energy of the day gives you a clear sense of what is important to you and what is important to everyone else.  This is a day for taking a good hard look at both options and deciding the path you are wanting to take as the year comes to a close.  Know that there are signposts along the way and friends and teachers willing to give a hand.

Tuesday, September 28:    Purple with a Hint of Red

There is something auspicious about today, and it is related to someone who has power.  It is a day for you to take your power and accept it.  By so doing, you can create amazing things today.  You will find that people will be responding to you differently and that your perception in terms of what you want and how to get it is changing.  There are opportunities around today, and if you can spot them out and take advantage, you will find that some long held desires are closer to fulfillment.  This is  a day, also, when it is good to spend time with friends, co-workers, and others.  It is within groups that certain messages can come forth, so listen well to what is being said  There is a certain serendipity in the air, albeit tied to the Trickster.  This is a day of seeking for what is hidden as things are easier to find.  There are answers there for you.  Listen well.

Wednesday, September 29:    Frosty White

Tempers will be fragile today.  Emotions will be at the surface, and things can go any which way.  Cause and effect seem to have parted ways in the energy of today, resulting in unexpected results.  All of this can leave you perplexed and uncertain.  Do not hang onto that feeling.  In this breakdown of the usual, there are revelations to be made and new horizons to be seen.   You can discover much about yourself and the questions you have been harboring about your past if you will take the time to step out of the swirl of emotionality and put things at a distance, see them impartially, and work with your intuition to know what these things are to you.  It is a day also for being cautious in where you are going, what you are wearing, and things that you are intending to do.  Keep a Plan B at hand in all of these areas, and most of all, keep your sense of humor.  Things can get broken today.

Thursday, September 30:    Fuchsia

This is an up and down kind of day.  Things will start out slow and unevenly, however as the morning progresses, you will get a quick rush, followed by a quick decline.  From that point on, the rest of the afternoon and the evening are going to be great.  Expect some serendipity and some unforeseen luck. There is a surprise actually waiting around that corner.  Look for a word or sign from someone who has been out of touch for a long time,.  There will also be those times today when you will be thinking of someone or something and they will call or it will appear.   In other words, synchronicity will abound.  If you can take advantage of the energies of the day, you will find that your perspective is rearranging itself and that things are truly becoming clearer.  You might be looking for a new path, well today it is becoming clearer or a new light on an old issue, well, today there is a spotlight available for you.

Friday, October 1:    Deep Pink

There is an air of melancholy, of sadness in the air.  The feeling is that things are not right.  The feeling is that you have been let down in some way.  Take time to think about those feelings and determine where they are coming from.  They are rooted to deep seated needs that you have and long held ideas and prejudices.  It is time to take a look at them for what they are. Interestingly, there is also a lightness in the air, a kind of joie-de-vivre that comes along and hits you every now and again like a capricious breeze.  Enjoy that serendipity and it can lead you to new places as the night approaches.  Look also in conversation for the person behind the mask.

Saturday, October 2:     Dark Lavender

There is much in the air today that will  remind you of things gone by.  Think deja vu.  Also there will be things that remind you of loved ones from the past as well as events, opportunities, and situations.  You will find that you are neither so focused nor concerned about what is going on around you.  This is a day during which it will be quite easy to be the observer.  In that role, you will be able to make sense of a lot of stuff that has been and is puzzling you.  Step back, let your eyes unfocus.  You can be amazed at what becomes clearer when you take in the bigger picture.