September 19 – 25

Overall Color for the Week:    Salmon Pink

This is a week during which things that you never thought could happen have a really good possibility for coming true.  It is a time in which the dreams you gave up on can make there way into reality, not in their totality but in various aspects.  Take time this week to remember the dreams of your past, and determine which are things that would be of importance in the life you are now living, for remember, dreams out of context can become nightmares.  Look for unexpected interventions in situations that come your way.  If you are open this week to serendipity, you can find that it makes it appearance in the most unusual guises.  Also look for those of like mind.  There is a movement towards community, even an energy that is pulling things together.  If you can give up your need to control and allow yourself to be aware of the attractions around you in terms of people, opportunities, and situations, you may find that this week is for you truly life changing.

On the larger scene, there will be backwards movements in many areas, particularly those of finance and technology.  On the financial scene, this can actually be good, possibly temporarily reversing some of the negative trends we have been seeing.  There is a critical point on the day of the Equinox when things will seem to be spinning out of control.  Expect weather patterns to be harsh and unseasonal.  The water element is feeling particularly affected, with the possibility of flooding and mudslides in various areas.  The air element will be unruly starting Wednesday, so hold onto your hats, as there are rumblings from the Earth that can result in volcanic activity.  There is more turmoil in the Mid-East with announcements by some of the political figures there that will cause general worry.  Things are heating up in terms of strife and conflict, and the possibility for another confrontation is great.  This week brings with it the energy of moving on.  This can result in the checking out of more people.   There are going to missed connections and misunderstandings this week, resulting in precipitate actions.  This is a week for patience, yet a week in which patience will be hard to find.  You will see this in the news, on the ground, in the area of electronics.  Travel schedules can be interrupted.  Plane travel remains affected by the shifting magnetics.  This can lead to unfortunate results.

Sunday, September 19:    Deep Pink

There is both sorrow and joy in the air, the one offsetting the other. You may be feeling nostalgic and somewhat removed from much of what is going on around you.  There will be hints of childhood memories coming your way.  Be open to the assistance that will come to you from an unexpected source.  There is clarity in the air today if you choose to accept to see things as they truly are.  And in the end, you will sleep well for it will be a day during which you will be moving into a deeper appreciation of WHO you are and a greater knowing of what it is that truly makes you feel fulfilled.

Monday, September 20:    Electric Pink

When you awake, you will be feeling as though there is something that is just not right.  Thins are going to seem too bright, out of place, illogical.  You will find yourself be very sensitive to all that is going on around you, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, the general hustle and bustle.  This is the same for everyone, so you can find that people are overreacting to things.   This is a good day for watching what you say and do, especially around those people who are on the edge, confused by the new energies that are making themselves felt more and more.,  Ups and downs are in the air these days, and it is a good idea to stay centered and know what it is that that is your power. Take time to appreciate your strengths and knowledge and prioritize. This will be important as things accelerate and become more chaotic as the year goes into the last quarter.   On a positive note, a personal project or desire is coming to fruition.

Tuesday, September 21:    Rose Gold

Old things will be coming to the surface, along with memories, both sweet and sad.  Be ready to deal with each as\nd see them not as isolated events but within the larger framework.  By taking this point of view, you will  be able better to understand how they belong within the whole pattern of your life.  Look for help in this from others who are feeling the need right now to communicate as they find hints of old times, regrets, and joys that they are wanting to share.  And, at the end of the day, you might just discover that there truly are reasons to be grateful.

Wednesday, September 22:    Light Periwinkle Blue

Autumnal Equinox:    Happy Birthday, Pisces:    Things are not going to be fully jelled today in any area.  Be patient, and know that the projects and desires, plans and ambitions, that you have been working on and setting target dates for cannot meet their deadlines. This has to do with certain unexpected elements that are part of the whole picture.  This is a day on which you can learn a lot about many things, but most of all, you can understand that things are always in process, and as such, you must be creative and open to new elements and ideas as they come your way.  This new flexing of your creative musculature will help you greatly as the challenges of the fall come your way.  You are learning to see things in a new light, and you are going to find that fun and challenging.

Thursday, September 23:    Foggy White

Full Moon:    There is misunderstanding and the possibility for confrontation in the air.  Your best defense is knowledge, so be aware that things will not be as they seem, and it is important to clarify and ascertain that you have the facts straight before taking sides or giving an opinion. That crazy Trickster is out there today, and his energies are strong.  He is ready and willing to trip up any who do not make sure to cover their bases.  If you will step into your power  today and trust your intuition, you will become aware of the sub-plot beneath what seems to be true, and you will be able to set in order a number of items that have been hanging for quite some time.  You might also find that there are those who have been noticing this is you, and that within ten days something will come of that.

Friday, September 24:    Light Lime Green

There are distractions in the air today, hut they are all accompanied by a spirit of sweetness and light.  This is a day for just enjoying what you enjoy,.  Do not take things too seriously. Unexpected encounters with friends and family members c bring you joy.  This is not a day for strict adherence to schedules, so be ready to change at a moment’s notice. Serendipity is in the air this afternoon, and you just have to be open to it in order to have it happen.  This evening there will be time for reminiscences.  They will clarify and shed light upon some old issues.

Saturday, september 25:    Golden Amber

This is a day of contrasts and surprises.  It is a day to be open to serendipity and to the luck of the draw.  The energies of the day say that anything can happen, and if you will allow it, that anything can just be the some-thing that you have been waiting for.