January 4-10

Overall Color for the Week: Straw Tint

The New year begins with promises, secrets, and challenges. Each one has a special meaning for you, and you will find some of each coming your way this week. Although things initially might seem to be challenging, as long as you stay centered in yourself, you will find this to be a rewarding week. There is a sense of things being a little easier than they were before. You feel that you have made it over that proverbial hump, and that the path from here on will be easier and clearer. This is a week to make that your reality, and to live that reality through the rest of the year.

Sunday, January 4: Blue Lavender

You are finding yourself obsessed with time, schedules, appointments, getting things done, being there. You are feeling somewhat winded, as though you have overbooked yourself. Take a moment to sit and see what it is that actually needs to be done. You might find that it is not as overwhelming as you had thought. Are you trying to distract yourself from what really matters. Are you trying to fill up your time with minor activities so that you do not have to look at the really important things? Take a moment today to regroup. Breathe deeply, center, and set up priorities. There is plenty of time to get done what really matters.

Monday, January 5: Deep Straw Yellow

You are feeling tired today, like walking through water. You feel as though you have overburdened yourself with things, but you find yourself having trouble defining just exactly what those things are. Change your focus. Analyze what it is that is really important to you. Be in the moment. Be WHO you are. Allow yourself to experience and enjoy the day. Focus on what is there at hand, and all things will begin to fall into place.

Tuesday, January 6: Rose Pink

You feel like humming, not singing, just humming. Singing would be too loud. You are sensing there is some sort of vibration in the air, and you want to become part of it. You feel that people, things, communities, and ideas are all coming together. You feel yourself part of it. It is a day for synchronicities. Walk in your truth, walk in your wisdom, and do not take anything personally. It is a day for a larger perspective. Be both observer and observed, and there will be many good surprises coming your way.

Wednesday, January 7: Pale Yellow Green

The answer is blowing in the wind. There is a softness about today. You feel that there is a rightness about the world. You feel that you can relax. It is great day for just going with the flow. Do not look ahead, do not look back. You are feeling more optimistic, that spring is coming, and that all things are falling into place.

Thursday, January 8: Primary Blue

You seem a little in the dark about your priorities today. Think about what is really important in your life. Take a look around and recognize the people, things, memories, and conditions that you no longer need, that no longer serve you. You are getting ready for a great cleanse. This is a preliminary step. Take it.

Friday, January 9: Pale Yellow

Time out. You are feeling that you need a rest. Things are coming into perspective, but you are feeling that you are not quite ready to deal with them. Do not allow yourself to become overly concerned about new ideas, people, places that you encounter today. Do not dwell on what you see as mistakes or omissions. See them as part of a background, and focus on your needs. If you are hungry, eat. If you are tired, rest.

Saturday, January 10: Light Steel Blue

Strength and flexibility. You can bend in the wind, but not break. Things come at you today faster than before. This is a day of challenges. You find yourself wanting to give in, give up, but there is that little voice inside that lets you know that you can do anything you put your intention to. It is a day for looking great and feeling great about yourself. You know what is right for you. Go for it.