Colors for the Week of November 23-29, 2008

This final full week of November is full of surprises for there will things happening and stuff coming up that does not seem to make a lot of sense, stuff that seems unrelated to other things that are going on, stuff that seems to come from way out in left field, leaving you wondering and somewhat tired.  You find yourself looking more outside than inside,  looking for reasons for things you do not like and people to blame for things you do not want to deal with.  And yet, this is a good time to face your fears head on, to see them for what they are, and to put them in the context of the greater picture of your life. Fears are the projections of inner insecurities on the outside world.  Let them go!  Rather resolve at this point to make this upcoming season one of abundance and joy and to create in every moment the feeling of prosperity, ease and abundance.  Energy follows thought.  Fact follows feeling.

Sunday, November 23:   Pale Gold

Once again, you are here.  There is a sense of looking through a curtain at what is going on.  And what you see, well, it is so hard to interpret.  Things seem good, but you are not sure.  You cannot get a grasp on what things mean.  You find yourself not understanding what people say.  You have the feeling that you are missing a lot.  Yet you  seem to see the shadows of old stuff, and you feel somehow compelled this day to deal with the old.  You feel they have appeared on the scene for a reason, yet at the same time,  deep inside you do not really trust that sense.  Stay centered in yourself.  Look towards what makes sense to you, and all will be well.  It is not the day for sorting out all the answers.  Sometimes just knowing the questions is enough.  The answers will come.

Monday, November 24:   Red Silk

The home fires are burning.  You feel the need to be at home, to nest to hide, to pull back from everything outside.  But on the other hand, you feel as though everyone is looking at you, that you are the center of so many different things.  You are torn between being the dancer and being the observer.  You feel as though your phone never stops ringing or, if you go out, that people are constantly talking to you.  There is little rest for you this day.  Your powers are growing, but you are feeling overwhelmed and a little out of control.  It is all right.  Things are as they should be right now.  It is time to stay centered.

Tuesday, November 25:   Cal-Color Yellow

Hurrah, the morning has come.  At least so it seems.  The day is washed in shades of yellow.  But things do not look quite as good as they did last night.  Perhaps you are feeling a few physical symptoms, perhaps a little depression, or maybe just tired.  You want to get on with your work, but you feel that you are not quite sure what that means.    This is all part of the energy today.  Once again, it is important to stay within your power and to look within your heart for what feels right.  Trust the innate sense of knowing.  It will not let you down.

Wednesday, November 26:   Blue Bell

You feel that there is something there right on the horizon.  A message, a friend, a gift.  Something wonderful that you can take home with you.  Something that becomes part of you.  Live within that feeling of things coming.  Your are moving towards realizing what it is that you want.  You find that you can define more clearly what will fulfill you.  Meditate on that, journal, paint.  Make it real for yourself through your art and know that  the truth of it will follow.

Thursday, November 27 — Thanksgiving, New Moon:   Plus Green

This is the time to bring the plus-es into your life, to leave behind all feelings of minus, of  not having, not being, of worry, and of fear.  Know that all these things are just shadows that you are choosing to see as reality.  Rather than looking at the light, you are looking at what you think might exist behind the light, what might lurk in darkened corners.  You have been engaging the fight-or-flight response unnecessarily.  You have made the illusion into reality.  Now is the time to look straight at the light.  See what is around you in its own being.  And  walk forth with the sense of WHO you truly are.

Friday, November 28:   Light Frost

Did someone leave the door open?  You are feeling that you have been left out in the cold, that somewhere you missed something, that you are not quite awake.  Outside.  That is where you are putting things.  You need to go within, wake up and move your being.  It is a time for knowing your own strength, for generating your own heat through renewed activity and hope.  You are always taken care of.  It is safe to act.  There is a  kind of reciprocal relationship between action and being taken care of.  When you are taken care of, obstacles to action, such as worry and fretting, are removed.  And if you were to fall, you know there is a net waiting.

Saturday, November 29:   Middle Rose

You are feeling that there is a meaning behind the words people are saying today, a meaning that somehow just eludes you.  It is like the smell of roses in a room.  If you are not looking at them, you know the scent is there, but do not know from what.  The theme of today is hide and seek.  Things are there, people are there. opportunities are there, but it is for you to find them.  Look for the synchronicities today.  And start to write them down.  There is a motive to the madness of the Universe.