A Few Considerations

Times of crisis often, although not inevitably, lead to times of awakening.
The lack of inevitability is a function of the minds (and spirits/souls) of individuals and their inclination towards the light or the darkness.
The physical separation of people has the effect of isolating many in their own mind sets which can be a rabbit hole all of itself.
And then these group uprisings, many of which are questionable in terms of the participants, are a major distraction in the news which will further polarize the country.
These things are, after all, tools used by the Uber-PTB, and by that I am referring to the ones over those who feel themselves to be the Powers That Be, who are the pawns who merely arrange the pieces as they are instructed— they are the tools used to achieve the end they have in sight.
There is also the ET factor, which definitely plays into the process we now see unfolding, a factor that can mean the further control of the human population.
But the spiritual movement towards awakening is a force that is motivating many, and hopefully the group energetics of light that are moving upward will calm the waters and  bring some clarity.