Miracles & Manifestation

(It is always good to remind ourselves that miracles do happen.  IN this case, it is important to focus and let it go to the Universe.  I guess that sounds a lot like trust, but then, a little trust can be helpful.  Enjoy the story:)

This past spring I made a road trip to Sedona Arizona and stayed in Sedona for a week.  I did the trip on a low budget and I stayed in a campground outside of town for the entire week.  I also kept my eating budget low by stocking a cooler with food purchased from a grocery store and not dining out at resturants at all.

As I was going back and forth through town on my way to the hikes that I was doing and the events that I was going to I noticed there was a lot of really nice restaurants.  One of them caught my attention.  It was called Paleo Grill and it specialized grilled meat and vegetables.  Which made my mouth water and sounded really really good to me.

So I thought myself, maybe I could go to dinner one night while I’m here.  Anyway, it’s near the end of the trip and I hadn’t gone out to dinner yet.  On that day I was out on a very big all-day hike of a mountain outside of town and I’m up near the top of the mountain and I’m heading my way down and I thought, ‘You know maybe I should go to dinner tonight because there are not that many nights left and this is the best night for me to go to the dinner.’

But there was a little problem, I had been invited to a pool party at the campground that evening (ya, the campground had a pool) and I really wanted to go to it.  But I didn’t think I had enough time.  I was going to get back to the trailhead pretty late.  And I didn’t think I was going to have time to have a sit-down dinner in town and still make it to the pool party.

But I decided that tonight was the night for the dinner and I started talking out loud to the universe.  I said… I really want to go out and have a dinner of grilled meat and vegetables.  I’ve been trying to be frugal but I can afford to go out to dinner one night and I certainly deserve to have the dinner.  I felt a little guilty because I was trying to go vegetarian.  And this wasn’t going to be vegetarian so I said to the Universe…  Yeah, I’m trying to go vegetarian and this is going to be meat.  But there’s really no right or wrong or good or bad, the world is not going to come to an end if I enjoy one meal of grilled steak or something.  So that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to have a beautiful grilled meal tonight.  But I’ve got a problem.  If I stop in town for a sit-down meal I’m probably not going to make it to the pool party and I really want to go to the pool party.  So how can I have my dinner and get to the pool party also?  Is there a way?

And that was it.  I just told the Universe I was going to allow myself to have a nice grilled meal and that I was going to leave it up to the universe to make it happen.

So I continue on my merry way down the mountain and eventually I make back to the trailhead.  It’s about 6:00pm and as I take my last steps to the trailhead and look around there’s only one other vehicle other than my own in the parking lot.  It’s a big motorhome and as I walk past the motorhome and cross the parking lot I see a guy sitting at a picnic table cooking something on a grill and with a glass of wine in his hand.  So I give him a big hearty hello, wave, and smile and he waves back.  And I begin to unpack my stuff into my car.

Then something caught my attention and I turned around and there was a woman walking over to the picnic table with a wine glass in her hand.  So I gave her a smile and wave and a hello.  And she smiles and says hello back and then she pauses and says Would you like to have a glass of wine with us.  I paused and thought that this might be the moment I’d been wishing for, this might be the solution that Universe is going to deliver to me.  So even though I don’t really like wine that much I decided to go with the flow and said as enthusiastically as I could muster Heck yeah, I’d love to have some wine.  And then I walked over there and we introduced ourselves.

It turns out they were a French family on a road trip of America and we chat for a little while and then they look at me and they say Our dinner of grilled steak and corn and French bread is ready.  Would you like to stay and have dinner with us? So a big shit eating grin came across my face because this was it and I said Heck yeah! I’d be delighted to have dinner with you.

So I had this great dinner there with this French family and their young daughter came out and we just chatted and had a great time — in a beautiful park-like outdoor setting to boot.  The dinner lasted for 30 or 40 minutes and I bid my farewell and I drove back to the campground and I made it back in time to catch the end of the pool party.

So my complete desires were fulfilled.  And almost instantly.  In the very first moment that the universe could have delivered the solution, it was there.  The Universe brought the dinner to me at the trailhead and it upped the ante and said to itself we’re going to do better than that.  We’re going to do better than you having dinner by yourself in a restaurant in town.  We’re going to bring the dinner to you in the form of a delightful French family in a beautiful outdoor setting.  And then you’ll have enough time to get back to your pool party.

The Take Away

Do you see the magic in this?  And do you see the deliberate creation techniques that I employed to make this manifestation appear?

Number one, I affirmed my desire out loud and I did it fairly passionately.  Number two, I identified and released anything that I could think of that would block me receiving the fulfillment of this desire.  And number three, I didn’t assume it wasn’t possible and I didn’t worry about how it could happen — I just trusted that universe would figure out how to make it happen.

That’s it!  I hope you found this story helpful.

from:    http://divine-cosmos.net/manifestation-story1.htm