What is going on with David Icke?

UPDATED: Censorship of David Icke is Waking People Up!

By London Real

Activist Post Editor’s Note:

After David Icke’s most recent interview with London Real nearly broke the website due to historically high viewership, Brian Rose has invited David back for a follow-up. However, over the 19 days in between, we have seen a dramatic turn toward even more authoritarian rules over what information is permitted for discussion.

It’s somewhat sad that we should have to commend people for asserting a basic right such as free speech, but in this climate of tyranny, Brian and the London Real team need to be highlighted for their courage and putting at risk their YouTube channel which has 1.5 million subscribers.

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UPDATE: Brian Rose posted a series of powerful videos with his thoughts about the Icke interview being removed by YouTube and his determination to fight for free speech and the truth! You can also see the full interview now from BitChute embedded below.

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