Time to Take Back Your Power

The Reason Bilderberg Does Not Matter

Frank Somma

Derrick Broze released a video this week entitled ‘Stop Paying Attention to Bilderberg, Claim your Power’.

The year was 2005, Luke Rudowski lead a march of nearly 1000 people though Manhattan chanting ‘9/11 was an inside job’ and ‘Who Knocked the Towers Down? Bush Knocked Down the Towers’.  We were sharing the message with the world, we were spreading the truth far and wide, we were educating the masses.Over the next 10 years there have been more false flag attacks, there have been some legitimate terrorist attacks and there has been constant and never ending war.  The mainstream media has started to cover what used to be the domain of Alex Jones and David Icke.  The Guardian writes stories about groups such as Bilderberg now.  The goal of those 1000 people, chanting and marching has been achieved.

The truth movement is mainstream, EVERYONE knows that there is a possibility that 9/11 was an inside job, whether they believe it or not, they know that it is a possibility.  EVERYONE knows that Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission and Skull and Bones mold the leaders of the future.  Everyone saw ‘Don’t Taze me Bro’.  We all know the worlds elites are corrupt and some of them are absolutely mad.

So what?  What do we do?

When The Bundy Ranch standoff occurred there were many pundits making statements claiming that a rag tag group of constitutionalists cannot stand up to drone strikes and the might of the US Military.  The same is true of the masses vs the elite. We DO NOT stand a chance if we are fighting them on their terms.

The solution is not to point cameras in their face, the solution is not to pay thousands of dollars in traveling fees to follow them around like the Grateful Dead.  The solution is to become unbound by their rules and regulations.

If the elite make the masses eat GMO, grow our own food.  If the elite make the masses watch CNN and BBC, then you watch AMTV and TYT.  If the elite make you take out a loan to go to school, buy a car and own a home, then find an alternative solution.

The answer to your problems is not to point the finger at some mysterious bogeyman, the answer is to take control of your own life.  Make the change you want to see in the world today, share it with your friends and family, become a positive role model.  Forget the mass media, forget the elite control grid, forget general consensus, be your own person and create your own path in this world.

from:    http://www.zengardner.com/bilderberg-not-matter/