Vaccine Exemptions

Meet the MD Who Can Help Parents Get Vaccine Medical Exemptions

Feb 22 •


vaccine exemption MDDr. Kenneth P. Stoller, MD was trained as a pediatrician at UCLA and was a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for two decades. In 2008 he resigned from the AAP after realizing that the AAP has known that mercury in vaccines can lead to neurological damage and bring on various levels of the autism spectrum, from ADD to full blown helplessness, inflammatory pain, convulsions, and destructive behavior.

Of course,Dr. Stoller goes on to mention the other toxic heavy metals and ingredients that destroy immunity and health. But he knew they knew about mercury and lied about it. They may be ignorant of aluminum and other ingredients.

Dr. Stoller reveals that the AAP has been aware of vaccine damages for decades. Even worse, the AAP, the CDC, and pharmaceutical companies, have gone through extreme measures of covering up the dangers, hiding evidence, and attacking those who come close to disclosing the real science behind vaccine dangers with very little efficacy, if any.

California has set the precedence that’s spreading to other states: Religious, philosophical, and lifestyle exemptions have been removed to make it more difficult to opt out of vaccinations than ever.

The one exemption that remains even within this tyranny is the medical exemption. And in the shadow of extreme willful ignorance among pediatricians and family physicians, that’s difficult to provide without sufficient proof.

Dr. Stoller has created an online portal for concerned California parents who want to protect their children from vaccinations in states that have vaccination mandates enforced by denying school attendance.

However, non-Californians whose states are trashing vaccination opt-out exemptions can gain some insights from his site listed after his forthright informative presentation in the video below.

A major point that struck me is how autism is evaluated and diagnosed on a purely psychological level. Kids who are severely autistic from vaccine damages suffer from extreme gut inflammatory pain, joint pain, brain damage pain, and seizures.

This makes it difficult to develop from applied behavior analysis (ABA) and address learning and social developmental issues. Resorting to inflicting pain on themselves or steady screaming fits because of inflammatory agony doesn’t make for much ABA success.

You’ve probably seen comments on antivax or autism sites claiming they’re autistic and doing fine. Autism’s no big deal, they say. Some even claim they’ve gained unique mental or creative skills and they’re high functioning autistic. They have been solely psychologically diagnosed without medical workups. Their situations are misleading

Now there’s a new documentary available to rent or buy called “50 Cents a Dose”. “A father revisits the autism study in which his oldest daughter participated: the study on Thimerosal (a mercury based medical product). What begins as a lighthearted rumination on raising children – ends as a discovery of scandal, and perhaps, a nation in denial.” Here’s the link to the trailer.

And here’s that link to Dr. Stoller’s site I had earlier mentioned.

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