September’s Vedic Astrological Forecast

Vedic Astrology for September: Increased Awareness, Personal Creative Power, Deeply Transformative Time

Posted by September 1, 2015

vedic astrology May 2015By Debra Infante

September promises to be a very active and intense month astrologically, with two eclipses, Mars moving out of debility, Venus going direct, and Mercury retrograde.

First, Venus goes direct on September 6, 2015, after being retrograde since July 25. While Venus was retrograde we re-examined relationships and the validity of our value system. Now as Venus moves forward, and with greater perspective, we begin to integrate and live the truth of what really matters in love and life.

Next, the fall eclipse season begins, with a solar eclipse on Sept 12-13, followed by a total lunar eclipse on September 27. It is important not to fear eclipses, but know that they can eventually bring significant changes or circumstances into one’s life. Eclipses can be enlightening, bringing increased awareness, by revealing things we need to see that had been previously ignored or hidden. These are times we need to be more mindful and focused, as sometimes we can feel more mentally confused or too emotionally stimulated. Being in a peaceful, healing environment is also recommended. Eclipses are not positive days for performing mundane activities, such as signing contracts. Ultimately, eclipses help us to face the unknown, and embrace the light within us and within our world.

The solar eclipse (new moon) occurs either on September 12, 2015 at 11:40 PM (PDT) or on September 13, 2015 at 2:40 AM (EDT) – depending on your time zone. This eclipse is at 26 degrees Leo in the fierce nakshatra of Purva Phalguni. Being in the sign of Leo brings an emphasis on our personal power, self-expression, and creativity. Are we being a good example or inspirational to others, or are we over-bearing? With the eclipse in the creative and social nakshatra of Purva Phalguni (whose deity is Bhaga, the god of fortune), this motivates us to enjoy and share with those we love. Be kind, humble, generous, and less self-indulgent.

Mars finally moves out of Cancer, its sign of debility, on September 15, 2015. But as it moves from the latter degrees of the water sign of Cancer into the first few degrees of the fire sign of Leo (called gandanta), this can signal a challenging or deeply transformative time, especially around healing issues related to Mars, such as impatience, anger, assertiveness, frustration, and courage. This is a time to face our shadow and move through it. The period from September 11 through 20 is a more vulnerable and sensitive time, so practice self-care and compassion.

Mercury goes retrograde September 17 to October 9, 2015, in its exalted sign of Virgo. Mercury retrograde periods can be expressed more internally, as we feel more pre-occupied with our own thoughts. This is especially a great time for deeper self-analysis as Mercury is transiting the precise and detail-oriented sign of Virgo. Your meditation practice may be more rewarding. But being too self-critical could be a challenge. With the north node, Rahu, conjunct retrograde Mercury, this is a time to be extra diligent and honest with all communications or misunderstandings could be the outcome. Double-check travel plans. Creative endeavors (right-brained activities) such as painting and music are positive outlets now. Mercury retrograde periods are good for reviewing things, organizing your office, and revisiting areas of your life that need to be changed.

The total lunar eclipse (full moon) occurs on September 27 at 7:50 PM (PDT) at 10 degrees Pisces, in the fixed nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada. Also, retrograde Mercury will be influencing this lunar eclipse as it is conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, indicating a need to be even more discerning, objective, and calm with our thinking and communications. With the eclipse in the water sign of Pisces, as well as being in the nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada, whose deity is Ahirbudhnya (the serpent of the deep, connected to kundalini energy), intense buried emotions can surface for healing and transformation if we are ready. By cultivating patience and accepting all the cycles of life, this can shift us to a more neutral and peaceful place. Remember, in Vedic culture the actual day of an eclipse is positive to perform one’s spiritual practice or sadhana, or any other healing practices that stabilize the mind and open the heart.

Note: Vedic astrology, the astrology from India, uses the sidereal zodiac, the zodiac of the fixed stars, which is based on a more accurate astronomical view of the planets in the sky.

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