Your Color Vibe for Wednesday 11/26

Wednesday, November 26:   Sage Green

You are beginning to feel today that things are definitely shifting – and for the better. You will be finding this to be a theme more and more as you move towards the end of the year. Again, however it is well to be aware that this involves choice. If you are choosing to let things overwhelm you, then they will. If you are choosing to be within your power and know that you can take care of whatever comes your way, you will succeed and triumph. There is no right or wrong here. Merely choice. The energies at the present time are there to assist all who desire to move forward. If your desire is to stay stick or return to the old ways, then that is also an option. Take time today to go within, to set an intention, and to know in all you do that you can and you will if you so choose.