Your Color Vibe for Saturday, 8/23

Saturday, August 23:   Muted Green

You will be very much aware of how things are different today. These sensations will come at different times and in different situations. You will be seeing things in a new light, and this can cause you to do some inner questioning. You also will be seeing those annoying tings that are not there but are there. The dimensions are particularly leaky right now, and this will continue for a while. You will also find that people are acting in new ways, as are you. Things are being said that before were left unsaid. You too find things popping out of your mouth that you did not mean to express. It is a good idea to start the day out with perspective, and this is the view from the heart center. If you act from there, what is said and done will be in accordance with WHO you are.

Picture of new lights and energies shifting into this dimension: