Your Color Vibe for Tuesday, 7/22

Tuesday, July 22:    Peach

Things are happening in the Universe quite quickly right now, and that is being mirrored in your life. Because of the weirdness of time, you will fill that things speed up and lots get done, but then everything slows to a crawl. That it how it is right now you will find today that people are being affected oddly by all of this. They are jittery and jumpy, unfocused, and even angry. Many are looking for a place on which to place the blame, and those who seem to be dealing with the energies more easily that they are will be their likely targets. You will be seeing a lot of this today along with a general confusion. If you are trying to get a point across, you must be minutely clear in your presentation. Things are easily being confused and even though at times it may seem as though it is being done on purpose, it is actually related to the energetic uncertainty of the times. Be grounded and centered in all you do.