Your COlor Scope for Saturday, 4/26

Saturday, April 26:   Spring Green

It is time to start doing all of those things that you have been putting off. You know what they are. It is also time to take a look at why you have been putting them off. And then, there is the whole idea of timing. You are shifting into the vibration with which you came in her to resonate. There will be many indications of this today as you find yourself inspired by something that just seems to pop up out of nowhere. This is a day for reviewing projects that you have started, to see what the impetus was behind them, to see whether it is worth finishing all or any of them, to know whether you are still the same person who started them, and if they have no more purpose for you, it is time to jettison.

Here is a photograph I took in my yard back in the fall as the wood pile was being formed.  It looks as though the energy of fire was ready to work with the wood: