Your Color Vibe for Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wednesday, January 1:    Misty Grey

Things are coming out of the shadows to remind you of what has gone before.  When these arise, deal with them as they come.  These are ot things to hold onto, rather they, are things to consider, to view, to turn over in your mind, in your imagination, to see them for what they are, the lessons that had to give, and then let them go.  For there is more that is forming in the mist, and that is the future that you are engaging.  Take time today to be with the feeling of how you want this year to be.  Take time to be with your greatest potential.  Take time to be at one with what fulfills you and then bless the mist with your desires.  There is creativity in the unformed and anything can happen.  The day’s energies are giving you a hand it making it happen according to your desires.