Your COlor VIbe for Thursday, 1/30

Thursday, January 30:    Hazy White

There are many questions in the air today, and some of them are the big ones.  This is a day for taking the broader perspective to see what is happening around you, and then to focus on one part.  You will know which one by the light that shines around it, by the sound that it makes, by the colors that it emits.  And then follow that focus to its end. Interestingly, there art the end you will not only find the beginning, but also the whole story.  So when you are told things today, take a part and see where it leads you.  Yes, this is the day to go down the rabbit hole.  There are many answers to your questions there.  The pattern is morphing right now, and you are feeling a bit unsettled by it all. By the focus exercise, you can find yourself getting a sense of what it is all about.  This is a day for being WHO you are, grounded and powerful.  Oh, and never forget to laugh.