Your Color Vibe for Sunday, 1/05

Sunday, January 5:    Red Gold

There is surprise in the wind today.  There is serendipity in the air.  There is synchronicity upon your path.   You will know it all when you come upon it, for come upon it you will.  The trajectory is there and you are open to what is coming from the other dimensions calling you to follow your own true way.  This can lead to some odd moments today as you realize that people, places, and things that you once thought were so compatible are no longer fulfilling you.  This is a time in which the truth is deeply within.  Listen to the counsel of your heart’s deepest inner knowing.  Things can be difficult, and making a shift is never easy, but in accepting the wisdom of your connection to the Universal Consciousness, you will find the comfort, the love and compassion that will get you through.