Your COlor Vibe for Monday, 11/25

Monday, November 25:     Dark Blue

Open to your sense today.  They are very aware of everything that is going on around you.  And these are not just the physical sense but also the spiritual and emotional sensitivities that can bring information to you in new ways.  There are symbols that will be appearing in some of this, so it would be well to investigate what they mean.  Also, you will be finding that some of your friends and colleagues might be looking at you a bit askance right now.  That is because you are changing and no longer are the predictable personality that they could depend upon, go to, manipulate, whatever.  This can result in some interesting exchanges.  All in all, this day brings some revelations and some new information.  You are walking forward in your power, and it is time that you saw the effects of how you are changing and the evidence of your own power.