Your Color vibe for Friday 11/22

Friday, November  22:    Silky White

Things are actually going to be a lot smoother today than you thought they would.  It is important, however, not to over-think, not to over-rationalize, not to bee too logical.  There is something that you just know at this point in tie before it gets any later, something that will help you as you move forward in these difficult energies, and that something will come your way today.  It may seem anti-climatic.  You may be inclined to ignore it, but upon further reflection, the ah-ha moment will arrive, and you will get some clarity on why things have been going as they have.  Listen to the voices around you, however they may present themselves – actual voices, a puff of wind, a cry from an animal, the fall of a rock.  Today marks a new step in what is going on as the pattern moves towards it completion.