Your Weekly Chromoscope

October 27-November 2

The theme this week is Things Are Becoming Clearer.  This could be good news or bad news.  It will all depend upon how open and receptive you are to the new energies that are coming in faster all the time.


Overall Color for the Week:     Red Gold

This is a week of distractions.  Things are not going to be what they seem to be.  This is a week for patience and understanding.  Everyone is being bombarded by a lot of changes in many, many areas.  It is important for you to be grounded and steadfast in WHO you are.  The changes are happening, and if you had any doubts, then step back from the fray and take a good look at what is going on around you.  Some of the shifts have been subtle, but now, from a new perspective you can see how things are no longer what they were.  This is a week for being at one with WHO you are.  This means that it is a week for doing some internal work.  It is a week for setting aside some time for meditation, whatever that means to you, and reflection.  It is also well to make a kind record of how you are seeing things.  This will be important as the time goes by.  It will act both as a reminder and a milepost.  It is well to have a whole repertoire of Plan B’s at hand….  Just in case.  Things are no longer as they were and people are no longer who they said they were.  You will be finding out more and more as the time progresses just who your friends are and who constitutes your true community.  Trust your intuition.  There can be some tears.  There can be some revelations.  But most of all, there can be moments in which you are most truly aware of your own power.

On the larger scale there are more and more changes and upsets in the air.  Politics in all places is becoming a very nasty game.  It is being played, in most cases, in the interests of the politicians, and the people are left hanging.  Has it not been this way throughout history?  However, you will see that this week there will be movements among the grassroots that will allow the politicians to see that they need to recognize and respect the needs of the people.  There is a long-standing divide between the people who feel they are in control and the people who have been controlled.  That divide is breaking down.  You will see that there will be some interesting movements in the financial areas in which certain groups will be working to establish a new kind of currency.  The Earth is shifting more and more.  There has been a subtle change of direction of Gaia’s energetics below the surface that has been going on for quite some time now.  You will see the effects of this in the earth patterns this week.  Expect things to be unpredictable.  There is more activity than ever in the skies, and it is becoming more obvious.  There is a new wave of help from the Galaxies that is coming in.  They will make them selves obvious in very subtle ways.  There can be things starting which all will expect to result in some sort of large scale event, and then those things will all fizzle out.  There are a lot of anomalies that will be around this week.  The energetic grid that has sustained the globe for so long is breaking down.  There is a new direction to the energies and the spin is unknown.  This will be seen this week in strange occurrences.  The Sun is more active and there can be effects on the magnetics.  There is a shift of the magnetics going on right now but it is not what you have always expected.  This one, because it has a relationship to the higher energetic and dimensional grids, is not part of this 3D continuum.  Because of this, there can be odd things happening in all areas, including electricity, electronics, and even the usual cause and effect mechanisms can be affected.