Your Color Vibe for Sunday, 10/27

Sunday, October 27:    Light green Blue

You will be aware today of many undercurrents, many hums, many themes, many distractions.  This is a great time to go within and center, ground, and open to the mind of the Universal Consciousness’.  By connecting, you have the perspective to see things for what they are, to sort out all the confusion strands of stuff and information that is coming your way, and to revel beneath it all the theme that is at its heart.  This is a special time for connection.  First, however you need to know that that is what you are looking for.  Take time today in this swirling energy to find within your self that golden thread that does truly connect you to your community, your family, your future, and guides you along your path.  There are so many hints out there today.  The pattern continues to fall into place. RSCN1053