Your Color Vibe for Saturday, 10/26

Saturday, October 26:     Frosty White

Change is in the air today, but it can come in unexpected ways.  It can leave you totally confused, with your head whirling, and with things in chaos all around you.  So what is this all about?  There are a number of items related to the levels of energetic process that are hitting the Earth today, and these things are basically incompatible although, with some revision and adjustment, they can be made to work together.  Whether they will or not will depend upon the various situations they encounter.  If you are feeling that you are getting out of control of things, know that you have the power to make it all change.  To access your power, you need to go within, ground, trust, and allow.  You can be amazed at how things will change if you allow yourself to take hold of the situation.  Along with the craziness, there are some very important lessons for you today and many revolve around what you can do when you are working from within your core.