Your Color VIbe for Monday, 10/28

Monday, October  28:    Red Silk

This is a day when, once again, things will not be as they seem.  It is important to see what happens for what it really is,.  There are those out there who are attempting to put a rosy glow on things in order to win you over to their side.  You always have the choice, but it is important to be informed.  Your best bet is to put things off until tomorrow.  There is nothing wrong with gathering enough information to be able to see an issue from all sides.  Emotionally today, you can find yourself somewhat up and down.  Also, there will be little messages coming from your body that you might just want to pay attention to.  If you are hungry, eat.  If you are tired, sleep.  And then your intuition also will be active.  It you get the feeling that it is not the best idea to take a certain byway, pay attention.  Many things are happening today on many levels.  Focus is a good idea.