Your Color Vibe for 9/28

Saturday, September 28:     Dark Purple

There is a lot of pressure today to fall into a kind of lethargy, reverie, to think that all is well, things are find, life is good.  And actually, that would be great, but there is a lot happening under the surface today.  It has to do with what it is you are truly wanting to do at this point in time.  You have been finding out that a lot of the things that you thought were so great, so wonderful are in fact just illusory.  That can be a shocker, but following upon that, it is quite possible that you have been having a shifting in your relationships, in your friendships.  You might be feeling a bit out of sorts today, and that is okay.  You are right now beginning to establish a new pattern and a new way.  It is always hard to leave the past behind, but there can be some really interesting and intriguing things happening today that can change your focus and you expectation and allow you to look to the future with anticipation.