Your Color Vibe for 8/31

Saturday, August 31:  Light Yellow

This is not going to be your best day, but there is no reason not to make the best of it.  A sense of humor is the best defense when things get crazy or out of hand or totally incomprehensible.  This is a day not to take things too seriously.  If you do, there will be consequences down the line.  There will be some things and people out there who can be really annoying, but know that you really do not need to make them a priority.  You can recognize they are there, acknowledge their existence, and then move on.  There is never enough time to be pulled into someone else’s reality.  Just remember, they may be living in a nightmare and you certainly do not want to be part of that.  Okay, this all sounds kind of odd and off the wall, but you will see it today and you will know that when you act from your place of power and knowing there is nothing and/or no one who can separate you from your truth.  Ya-Ya.