Your Color Vibe for 8/23

Friday, August 23:    Pale Apricot

Old times, old friends, old memories, old habits.  These are all part of the day’s energies.  You are moving into the new, and even as this happens, you are reminded of everything that went before.  The eyes of memory can be myopic, so when things in the past seem rosy in your mind, take some time to recall exactly what it was all about.  There are variables in every occasion that can make even the worst seem better and vice versa.  This is another day for stepping back from the action.  It is a good day for centering, grounding, and working within.  Use your intuition to guide you in what to do and what to leave undone.  There are those out there who are try to work you into a place of owing.  You owe nothing to anyone except yourself, and that is being true to WHO you are.