Your Color Vibe for 8/12

Monday, August 12:    Pale Lavender

You might just be needing those energy drinks today as you find yourself falling into lethargy about this, that, and the other thing.  It is not a good day for focusing as you find yourself being torn this way and that by all the shiny things that seem to be out there.  Then it is time to step back, ground, and center.  You are not seeing what is in front of your eyes.  The energetic bubbles are popping out there, but the information they have, the messages for you are close by.  You do not want to miss them by becoming bedazzled by things that ultimately have no real meaning for you.  So, today, when the flows of the energy become too much, step back.  Regroup.  Ground. Go within.  Center.  Be within.  Then take another look.  When perspectives change, things that looked so glamorous are shown to be merely façade, stage sets, ephemeral.  This is the day’s energy and the lesson.  Things are on the surface what they seem to be, but in their deepest nature they have another meaning.  Best to go below the surface to find out what it all purports for you.