Your Color Vibe for 7/20

Mercury Goes Direct.  Time to go for a ride!!

Saturday, July 20:     Steel Blue

This is a day to be getting through.  There will be some bumps along the way that you will need to navigate around.  These are reminders of where you have been, what you are doing, and questions about where you want to go.  This is a day in the middle of so many things.  It is not a day to assume that you will be getting lots of things done.  It is important to stay in the moment and take things as they come.  By so doing, you will not feel yourself overwhelmed.  If you do try to do too much, you can find that your emotions will come rushing out.  Each of those little bumps has some emotional residue that can awaken memories and bring you back to that time to which they are attached.  If that happens, then remove yourself.  Be the observer.  Watch.  Do not comment.  Allow.  And then you will see that things were not always what they seemed.  You are moving into your power now more and more on a daily basis.  Hearkening back to times when you gave your power away can be good object lessons, but those times need to be seen for what they are, and then let go.