Your Color VIbe for 07/29

Monday, July 29:     Blue Green

There are songs in the wind.  There are sighs in the wind.  You will hear at the edges of your hearing and find yourself distracted and somewhat off balance.  These are hints of what is to come.  These are reminders that things have changed, and you too are changing.  Many different strains are colliding this week, bringing with them confused feelings, compelling distractions, and the sense that something is missing.  Today you will be somewhere in the middle of this soup.  It is a day for stepping back, for observing, for noticing that things in this mix have reverberations in other themes that are at work in you life right now.  Step back and see what really makes sense for you.  It is a day for acknowledging what really makes a difference for you, what is important, who is important, and for making some decisions.  You have known for a long time that these choices have had to be made.  Now, well, it is time.  Remember, in choosing for yourself, if it is true, heart-centered, and from your core, there is no wrong choice.  Intuition.  Intuition.  Intuition.