Your Color Vibe for 07/19

Friday, July 19:   Canary Yellow

There is a song you have to sing, partly because it is your rightful song and partly because it is time it message was heard.  There are those who are wanting, needing to hear what it is you have to say.  You have been holding it in for long enough, and if you do not soon allow it to burst forth, then you can find yourself beset by all sort of ailments, physical, emotional, and otherwise.  There are those who are out there waiting to hear it.  They are part of your community.  Their tunes harmonize with yours.  This is a time for coming together, and today gives you the opportunity to open up to those like energies that are there for you.  It is time for all of you to work together and form your place of comfort, understanding, and belonging.  Be brave today.  Know your power.  Stand in your power, based upon the deepest knowing of your heart and your connection to the Universal Consciousness.  Speak your truth and watch as you see, hear, and feel the reverberations around you.