Developing Psychic Abilities

Opening Psychic Potential Within Your Body: A channeling from Norma Gentile blended with Shesat

Opening Psychic Potential Within Your Body: A channeling from Norma Gentile blended with Shesat

Story by: Norma Gentile

Improving our psychic ability is not about learning to manipulate energies around us, so much as recognizing that we are already manipulating energy.  In Western culture we have been taught that thinking is the ultimate way to control our lives.  If we think hard enough we will solve the problem or manifest a result.  Our minds are on overload trying to do it all by themselves!

The other partners in creation, our heartfelt emotions, our body’s embrace of the physical pattern of form, and our soul’s expression of love through us, have been left untapped.  What would happen if we allowed the mind to be occupied with something long enough that these other aspects of our creative and psychic abilities could step forward?

Our mind has been trying to organize our lives and tell us what to do and when to do it for our entire lifetime.  We can congratulate it on a job well done!  Now we want to listen to our body, our emotions and our soul.  We have reached the point in our evolutionary journey where our brain, the mass of cells that make up the physical aspect of our mind, can become the translator of the impulses of energy arising from our body, heart and soul.  These other aspects of our being are constantly sharing their experiences with us. We need only quiet the process of thinking we are accustomed to in order to hear their wisdom.

This wisdom speaks to us as pictures, such as memories, images or symbols arising out of meditation.  Sometimes our body speaks to us psychically as sudden twinges of discomfort or itchy skin or odd sensations.  These are merely physical interpretations of energies that no longer vibrate in the same manner as our physical body.

Kinesthetic sensations such as a smooth easy breath or feeling stillness inside of our body are ways that our mind translates the energies that are in tune with each of us.  The mind is not creating into the world of form, making something manifest externally, but rather into the world inside of our body. From there all facets of who we are support manifestation into our life.

As the world external to us is shifting and changing so dramatically, the one constant we have is our physical body.  The intelligence wired into our physical form is the one constant that has connections to all the possibilities, potentialities and plans that our soul might choose for us.

The brain is but a tiny portion of our physical form. Information is brought to it from all of the nerves in our physical bodies. Within each layer of our aura we have equivalent nerves that bring us information. This information can only be heard and fully translated by engaging with the psychic abilities of our entire physical body.

In fact, each chakra brings us information at its own psychic level. Each cell of our body translates the energetic impulses of spirit for us so that we can feel, see, sense, taste and smell these spiritual energies. And the psychic ability that exists within each cell exists because that cell recognizes the divinity of each physical molecule of our body. We are not spiritual brains.  We are indeed spiritual beings.

May your journey be so blessed,
Shesat and Norma

This is an excerpt from a blended channeling of Norma and Shesat (Thoth’s female consort).  A recording of the complete meditation is offered freely on Itunes (Podcasts>Norma Gentile > #38 Weaving Creation into Time) or at Norma’s website under Meditations.

Norma Gentile Norma Gentile
Sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She trained as both a professional singer and energy worker.