Assault Against Natural Medicine

The battle against medical doctors AMA and natural medicine and our choices

At  a time when doctors were not the majority of healthcare practitioners in America dealing with the cure and prevention of illnes and disease, there were vast amounts of homeopathic and other practitioners using natural remedies. In 1847 in Philadelphia, the American Medical Association AMA, was founded because the medical doctors felt they needed to establish a national association that would look after their interests, this was decided one year earlier at the New York Mecial Convention.

The very next year after being created, the AMA began its organized assualt on debunking natural remedies and discrediting any health-care practitioner who was not a medical doctor. At this same time the AMA also set out to establish laws governing patent medicine. This practice has continued ever since, and so establishing the health-care monopoly for the medical doctor, and has expanded to medical research and drug companies.

Today the AMA has created power and influence to create laws that help expand the business of its members while at the same time eliminating any competition that might threaten its outrageous profits.

For example the AMA filed suit against the chiropractors in Illinois. Chiroprators were saying that adjustments can alleviate pain. Many people were going to chiropracters instead of medical doctors. The AMA, in an effort to protect its members filed suit against the chiropracters. The chiropracters fought back and big time and won. But the fact barely got any press, can you see why?

Another huge case, that barely got press was when a doctor, who was treating AIDS patients with all natural methods and was curing people, was sued immediately by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The case went all the way to Supreme Court and the doctor was found not guilty. It was in fact proven that his treatments were more effective than those of the medical doctors using drugs and surgeries. But did you hear about it?

This doctor discovered the cure for AIDS, is should have been on the front of every publishing magazine, newspaper, the press. Does that make you mad? Does it cause you disbelief? The powers that be do not want you to know that his inexpensive cure was proven in court to work. It is all about profits. People go to jail every day for being greedy, 75% of the people in jail are their for reasons involving money. People will kill for it, and they do not care who.

There are thousands of lawsuits against people curing with all-natural methods, withoout drugs and surgeries, and they are being supressed and debunked at every chance. Their only crime is that they are curing people without drugs. All-natual, inexpensive methods work better and have no side effects. News organizations will not run these stories because of the pressure they get from their sponsors, the food companies and the pharmaceutical companies.

They are being charged with practicing without a license or dispensing drugs without a license. How can America wave the banner of free speech, freedom of ideas, freedom of choice? while they limit our healthcare and medical choices?

This worldwide umbrella wants to bring the natural supplements,natural remedies and food supplements under their regulation, and even information. In America, giant pharmacetical companies are buying vitamin, mineral and herbal and homeopathic companies and selling their remedies as drugs at outrageous prices.

Their are some medical doctors coming out to denounce drugs and surgeries, even though they have been trained to prescribe drugs and perform surgeries because they know it is all about the money and not curing and preventing disease. Protect your health and vote for choices, to keep all natural remdies available, vote now, do not give up any more of your rights.