Your Color Vibe for June 27

Thursday, June 27:   Red

These days people are changing so much, or perhaps it is just you yourself who is changing so much.  This can lead to a lot of questions and questioning.  It can also evoke some memories of the past.  This is a good day for going within and taking stock of just WHO you are.  Using the lens of the true eyes of the heart to observe what is going on around you, how people are acting, what themes there are that keep repeating, the bits of déjà vu, whatever strikes as meaningful.  It is also a good day to go within and truly feel your physicality.  Listen to what the body is saying to you and acknowledge that it is all part of the greater shift that is going on around you.  Today is a kind of pivotal day.  There are choices to be made, and based upon them, you will go one way or the other.  Remember, that if you work from your core and listen to your intuition, then you will truly know/feel the ways of your heart.