Your Color Vibe for June 18


Tuesday, June 18:     Dark Orange

Revelations can be found today.  Many of these relate to what you are doing now, what you think you want to do, and WHO you truly are.  In other words, there can be some soul-searching times and decisions to be made.  You need to take a second look at things today, and you will be given the opportunity to do so.  In some cases, you can even be asked to take a second look.  This is a time in which you need to be clear on your priorities and make your choices in line with what is right for your innermost being, your Core Self.  There is guidance for you always.  This is a time to appreciate and be aware of your connectedness with the Universal Consciousness.  If you feel your horizons are limited, just ask that they be opened up.  If you are confused, ask for an answer.  If you are sad, ask for comfort.  This is the time to know the true power of deep hearted-centered petition.