Your Color VIbe for 6/25

Tuesday, June 25:    Frosty White

So, if you are not sure of something, say it anyhow.  If you have second thoughts about doing something, do it anyhow.  There are so many opportunities that are becoming available in today’s energy.  If you are open and aware, you will find yourself overwhelmed by everything that is coming your way.  Even if you are holding close to yourself, you cannot help but see that thins are shifting and that there are possibilities coming your way that you would not have imagined before.  Let it be.  Let the day be what it is, to unfold as it will, to show you what it has to say.  There is no need to worry on all those mundane levels for more and more they are become insignificant, unimportant, outmoded, passé.  And that is really good.  You have chosen a path to walk, and now you are being given the assistance to get moving.  There are others there for you also, and you will be recognizing them more and more as the year unfolds, but today can bring a special reunion.